Like old times

May 30, 2008 § 10 Comments

As the serial procrastinator I’ve been putting off blogging about the splendid Sunday with my darling Bianca. We had a great time and took some great photos. I’ve been too busy to upload the pics, but since I have nothing better to do. TA DA!

The plan was Bianca shooting my designs but one thing led to another. And yes, this was the same day we recorded the vlog.






one half of the vlog + more

May 26, 2008 § 1 Comment

This is just the first 5 minutes of it. It just takes too long.

here it is !

Well guys I have a problem and unlike all my other problems it can’t be solved by writing it down an pressing publish. It involves too many emotions and I’m sad to say it, but it got brought out buy watching episodes 14-18 of season 1 of Gossip Girl. But it has nothing to do with the show, trust me, I’m not like that.

So it’s au revior for now. But I’ll be back soon a few days I just need some space and time.



My fashion show

May 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

It wasn’t an extravagant affair if you’re wondering. But it really lifted my spirits after a horrid morning (I’d rather not talk about it). My fashion show was actually a project for school, everyone in year 9 did a Independent learning project which was a semester long project and you could choose to do anything, so obviously I held a fashion show and I made everything in it, without patterns.

I made 12 garments mostly skirts and dresses. It sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t, many schools have fashion or textiles as a subject (but my school doesn’t) and yes, they hold annual or end of semester fashion shows but each student  only makes about 1 or 2 garments and they get class time to do it. Whereas I only had 2/3 of a semester and I had to do it all at home, in my own time (trying to cram it in with all the Mac.Rob homework). Also unlike the schools I didn’t have a teacher or a sponsor to help me, I did everything on m own, the fabric and thread came out of my own money.

Now more about the actual show, it was yesterday (Friday the 23rd) during lunchtime at school and I only had 15 minutes to prepare it because there were classes held in the hall. I had to move all the chairs back and facing into the runway, put the outfits on the chairs, and sort everything else from lights to curtains. My models didn’t start arriving until the audience filed up the room but they were all fabulous! I was really nervous because there were quiet a lot of people there.

The show started 20 minutes late because I had to tell the models how and where to walk and running them through the process, I was running around like a crazy woman! I can’t really describe the show to you since to be it was a giant blur of tying belts, zipping girls into dresses and pushing girls out. IT WAS SO HECTIC! One of my models Sam couldn’t find her 3rd outfit so she had to walk out in the same black skirt twice (hahah) and Kylie couldn’t zip her white dress up… nor the dark blue one. I had my friend’s friend take photos but she didn’t really know how to work my camera. So after the show I took some more pictures and they say pictures speak a thousand words so here they are.



PS. A big thank you to all of my models!

Alas the new haper’s bazaar comes out!

May 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

Every month I look forward to buying my issue of Haper’s Bazaar, but this month I was especially keen. I caught the early train to school just so I could get it. To my surprise the newsagents was not open yet, but through the window I could see the June/July issue shining like a beacon of light! I yelped like a crazy girl would in love with a magazine and got several weird looks from commuters coming out of the nearby train station. But I didn’t care.

After 15 minutes of waiting, the newsagent finally opened its doors and I ran in like you saw on TV when the Stella McCartney for Target line came out and grabbed my copy of Haper’s Bazaar. I read it straight away and forgot to get my free mascara!

The issue was just superb! I loved everything about it. Especially the photography on page 94 in the Bazaar style section, called red delicious. It’s a picture of a bejeweled hand squishing pomegranate blended into an apple. Just so fantastic I could not draw my eyes from it.

Congratulations to Jamie Huckbody!

Master of shoes

May 12, 2008 § 6 Comments

After a whole week of watching sex and the city (seasons 1 & 2) it prompt me to think, if Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik were the kings of shoes in the 90′s, who is the king/queen of shoes now? Is it still the same? Or has the crown been passed on?

If I was to choose this would be my shortlist -

(the shoe in the picture is not necessarily my favourite)

Christian Louboutin


Classic, chic and there’s one for every occasion.

Miuccia Prada for Prada and Miu Miu



Artistic heels, creativity to boot and a fairytale shoe. What more could you want?

Marc Jacobs


Oh this was the weird heel to end all weird heels! I don’t know what goes on in MJ’s mind but I don’t care, this was just so fantastic!

Fridda Gianni for Gucci


Like sex on feet. Ok that was lame but you know what I mean. So sexy!

John Galliano for Dior


No matter what season the shoes were feirce and structural

Dean and Dan Caten for Dsquared


So high, so sexy, so DSquared!


honorable mention

Balenciaga fw07

Remember this? Wasn’t it cool? Lego on your feet! A child’s love.


xx angela

pictures thanks to and

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