What’s with the bob?

June 26, 2008 § 2 Comments

Is Karl Lagerfeld’s new obsession ‘the bob’? After observing two campaigns he shot and styled I think it is! The Chanel fw0809 Claudia sported a YSL style black bob. Even though I loved the collection itself, but the Claudia? As in Claudia Schiffer! 38 years old! –Hyperventilates- Karl really needs to get ‘out with the old and in with the new’! I would much prefer Vlada (Roslyakova) or –sighs dreamily- Daria (Werbowy).

On location at the shooting of Chanel

Case two, Fendi, same model, same style different hair! Here’s Raquel Zimmerman with a blonde bob!

On set at the shooting of Fendi

 Hmm looks like they were channeling YSL/ Naomi C at Chanel.

 And Anna Wintour at Fendi.  



BTW, what’s with Raquel’s tanky arms?

New designs

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Ok, today in class my teacher was telling us about the brain and Bloom’s Taxonomy. I found it surprisingly very interesting. Here is some of the facts we learned, well ‘I learned’ because ¾ of the class was half asleep and not paying attention, the only class I ever do that in is Geography.

-          The Bloom’s Taxonomy affects pretty much everyone.

-          Evolutions get shorter and shorter because people want more.

-          Over the last 50,000 years of human existence 650 life times were spent in caves, only in the last 4 did man (and woman) measure time correctly and most of the material goods we take for granted today have only been invented in our lifetime.

-           Knowing what kind of learner you are is just as important as learning itself.

-          Men tend to have more ‘intellectual self-esteem’ than women. For example (pronounces ex-ahm-ple instead of ex-am-ple) when men look for a job they think “Am I going to like it?” or “Is this job good for me?” but women tend to think more “Am I good enough for the job?” or “How hard is the job going to be?”

Pretty interesting huh?

Now a special shout out to my best friend (well one of them anyway) Bianca ————–  who got girl of the week on teenvogue.com! Congratulations I’m so proud!


Photos from yesterday

June 22, 2008 § 1 Comment

You can read about it in the post under this one. Here are the photos!

We sure put effort into our outfits

Don’t dress like a bear

Bianca’s salad

My pasta… the one I found plastic in

We should have taken a picture of it before… well ^ that happend.

The Don’t Come Gallery

The giant clutch

We love Melbourne’s lane ways.

For the pics of people we scouted please visit http://melbstylescouts.blogspot.com/

xx angela

Resort Report II

June 10, 2008 § 4 Comments

Once again we return to the shrine of fashion. Let’s see what’s on the menu…

Alexander Wang, an up and comming new designer whoes name reminds me of mine. He’s collections are simples, wearable and effortlessly chic. The resort collection is no different.


Burberry, maybe it’s just be or do all the Burberry resort and pre fall collections look like left overs from the main collection? Take this resort collection for example, belted cardigans and jackets, matching dresses, socks with black leather X-strap shoes, de ja vous or what? But hey! No more Agyness Deyn!


Marc Jacobs, one word; dreadful! Where is his head these days? Off clubbing with Little Miss Rusty-Coral (Victoria Beckham)? But how creapy! It’s very Yves Saint laurent, came out a few days before he’s death.


Micheal Kors, this collection was spectacular! Very resort style, unlike others wh just cram random things in. Reminiscent of Dior resort 08, Indian inspired.


Narciso Rodriguez, simply perfect. Not to much, not to minimal, just resort enough.


xx angela

pics thanks to style.com 

Resort Report (part 1)!

June 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well since I have not had a good week I’m going to write about something I like. In today’s case the resort09 collection. After so many bad resort and pre-fall seasons I’ve started not to expect anything good. But this season it was surprisingly quite good, well other than the 3 weeks of waiting between the big houses(Chanel, Valentino and Dior) and the ones I actually wanted to see(Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler, Stella Maccartney and Carolina Hererra).

I thought in the 3 weeks I had to wait there won’t be anymore, until I saw the pictures of Vlada(Roslyakova) at Versace and Michael Kors in her thread on tfs(the fashion spot). So when I did I jumped on style.com at once! And this is what I thought:




Chanel, I don’t really like Chanel much. It’s over rated and fairly repetitive (black&white, black&white). The resort collection was nothing special, classic Chanel lines and fairly average. Karl needs to retire. 



Dior, always outrageous and always ‘so wrong it’s right’. Crazy sombreros and delicious summery colors and not forget a fabulous choice of models (Vlada, Morgane, Magdalena, Tanya and so on). The clothes were beautiful, from the 9-5 suit, subtle pastel dressed to sorbet orange swim suits and big tiered ball gowns paired with a soft grandma knit.


 Oscar De La Renta, -drool- everything from the collection was splendid, splendid would be somewhat an understatement! Classic De La Renta is essential for any wardrobe, simple dresses, suits, and of course flamboyant ball gowns. So chic and wearable. 10/10!


Fendi, I never knew Fendi did resort. But I have to say it’s pretty good. Simple, wearable and it looks great! My favorite was the shiny black dress, the shape is flattering and can be easily transformed from day to night




Valentino, it was a classic Valentino collection, even though Alessandra didn’t channel Valentino so well in the fw0809 collection she certainly did well in resort. The shapes were beautiful and feminine, the colors were subtle and most importantly she grasped the Valentino-ness.

Calvin Klien, I’ve always been a fan of Calvin Klien’s simplicity, and this resort collection was no different. With the femininity of flowy, light dresses and the masculine suit the collection was amazing. I loved the pale colors and the soft fabrics it’s very CK.

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