Mid-august I want list

August 18, 2008 § 3 Comments

Ok, after a long day at school followed by some light window shopping in the city (alone) I created a new I want list, but this list is different because all of the things on this list I can afford but just haven’t bought or done yet.

1. A new white shirt (the last on smells like mothballs and is too tight.  And everyone needs a clean white shirt.

2. A manicure, no colour polish, just a light buff and clear top coat. My nails are dry and we can’t wear coloured nail polish to school.

3. A wax (legs), since the weather is warmer I’m going to take my legs out of black nylon, but not before a wax. After some ‘research’ (staring at people) I’ve decided that gorilla legs should not ever be seen in public, especially if you have dark hair.

4. A gazillion (10 will do) pairs of black stockings. I am a mother’s worst nightmare when it comes to caring for my hosiery, every day I leave the house with clean hole-less black stockings and come home with hole-y stockings.

5. Black flats. My current ones have a worn out heel, which means it has no grip at all and I’m sick of stumbling in flats when I can walk (and run) perfectly well in 4 inch pumps.

6. Black and white long sleeved tops for layering. I’m bored with my turtle necks.

7. Grey plaid or woolen fabric to make a Blair Waldorf style cape.

8. More Hershey’s… Just because… Does a girl need an excuse for craving Hershey’,s? (PMSing…DUH!)

9. A new pencil case. Preferably from Mimco. You know that you need a new pencil case when you can find other place to put your pens in other than the actual opening.

10. New school shoes

I’ll stop now I’m on the train and I’m getting nauseous, listening to Delta Goodrem might be a better idea.

Not as interesting as my actual wish (drool) list but what else am I going to blog about? My shit day? My obsessions?


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