I love sundays

May 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

Sundays, are the best for getting things done.

Today I:

Convinced my parents to give back my 2nd bed room

100_6220 copy

Got around to stretching my boots, they’re surprisingly comfy for their height (3.8 inch)

100_6221 copy

100_6223 copy

Made another batch of delicious ice cream, I’ve had some seriously considerations about getting a ice cream maker

100_6219 copy

Changed my desktop background, Chrissy Morris dorsays.

bg copy

And finished my last science assignment of the semester!

All while wearing a (in hindsight) ridiculous outfit. I’m going to call it my ‘studying too hard, brain implosion resulting in temporary loss of style sensory gland function’ outfit.


Thermal top: China, they’re from China! Finally, now I know.

Skirt: My own design

Thermal leggings: China! They match the top, I found them today

Wrap around dress: Jay Jays. I found it today, it’s size 6 and I haven’t worn it since I was 12!

Boots: RMK


Bottega Veneta Resort 2010

May 21, 2009 § 3 Comments

So simple and chic. I loveddddd this collection; the white shirt, pin stripes, bright colours and simple dresses. The plain, black, retro, swimsuit is a winner too. Why can the world dress like this? Oh yeah because then I would have no one snigger at when I’m getting my morning coffee. You know? The ladies who dress well from the calves up and then you look down and see they’re wearing sport socks and runners over semi opaques?

01m 07m

08m 11m

19m 36m

32m 40m

43m 45m

Ahh and Kasia Struss dyed her hair! I think Olga (Sherer) might have too, but maybe it’s because I haven’t paid much attention to her.


Delicious Epic-ness (cadbury ads)

May 20, 2009 § 3 Comments

After seeing these Cadbury ads over and over again I cannot help but post them:

First up it’s the Cadbury Gorilla:

Closely followed by the Cadbury kids with crazy eybrows:

And then there’s this; Lily Allen’s spoof:

After watching all three I think I need a sit down.


Ps. Like some of my fellow bloggers(AUSstyle & quietmilk) I also have exams and S.A.C.s really soon so I might not be posting as much but I will by doing som backup posts and outfit posts.

Costume Institute Gala pt2 Mothers and Muses

May 19, 2009 § 4 Comments


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


Allegra and Donatella Versace, ahh I can smell the plastic…


Anna Wintour


Bee(katherine) Shaffer (For those who don’t know, she’s Anna’s daughter)

charlie shaffer lanvin girl

(left)Charles Shaffer. Ok, maybe the apple does fall far from the tree??


stella mccartney liv tyler kate hudson

Stella Mccartney with Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson


Anne Hathaway, apparently Marc Jacob’s new muse… who knew?

alexander wang w lara stone

The Wang and the Stoner… aka Alexander Wang and Lara Stone

cat mac roland mouret

Catherine McNeil and Roland Mouret

delarenta n guinness

Oscar De La Renta and Daphne Guinness

proenza schouler zimmerglimmer

Proenza Schouler and newly blonde Raquel Zimmerman


Chanel Resort/Cruise 2010

May 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

Along the snaking boardwalk of Venice Lido, (a place popular with Coco Chanel in summer) models waltzed down the catwalk in clusters. Some like sex on the beach, others like walk on the beach, I like fashion by the beach. Nah, I’m not that huge on beaches. But this resort/cruise collection really won me back over to the Chanel side, after a few seasons I was beginning to think Karl had run out of ideas. I’m so glad he waved his wand and “reinvented the mystique” as quoted.

04m 11m

12m 22m

 43m 37m

62m 73m

There were cloaks (oh, how very Harry Potter, Lisa will be happy about that), tricorne hats, girdles, bikinis, sailor suits, plenty of stripes, shimmery sequins and my favourite, pleated dresses. Not to mention the masquerade mask style sunglasses , someone sign me up for a pair NOW!

All the models I thought were off the scene was back(Inguna Butane and Snejana Onopka) but my favs(Natasha Poly and Vlada Roslyakova) weren’t there!

Oh I hope this forecasts a congruent collection for ss10! If so I would be a happy chappy!



PS. Do you think the crew of muses, editors and celebrities on the side got sand in their shoe?

“Oh yeah I whacked this together this morning”

May 16, 2009 § 4 Comments

That’s what I’ll be saying at Marla’s birthday when people ask about what I’m wearing. So, this morning I woke up extraordinarily early for a Saturday (5:50am!) and tossed and turned for an hour. I finally got up at 7, it was still dark and i didn’t want to wake my parents up by turning on all the lights so I wondered into the study, I nearly reached the table but I slipped on a piece of fabric. I made quite a thump but scrambled onto my feet and yelled “I’m good” but everyone was still asleep… Inspiration struck and I started cutting and sewing like there’s no tomorrow. Before you know it, it was 9 AM the dress was done!

100_6077 copy

I’ve wanted to do something with this fabric for ages! I’m so glad I finally did it, because it was beginning to sink lower and lower in my fabric box… I still can’t recall why it was on the ground though.

Isn’t this just gorgeous?! It looks almost identical to the Gucci Hysteria flower (which I loved!)

100_6079 copy


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