Macarons, Hannah Montana and heart to hearts…

June 30, 2009 § 8 Comments

It was a horrible and windy day but I managed to have an absolute ball with Lisa and Marla.

Morning tea at Cafe Vue of macarons, illy coffee and chocolate tarts.

100_6731 copy

Then, we whisked ourselves off to watch The Hannah Montana Movie, luckily we bought our tickets before hand. But the inevitable happend(you might have seen my tweets), someone one took our seats, so we had to take someone else’ seat which ended up in us, moving 3 times! The movie was not as phenomenal as I expected but it was good, light hearted, HSM style movie. I resisted all temptation dance and sing along.

Afterwards me and Lisa then went our merry way to our cafe and had a well needed heart to heart, I was served the most disgusting looking tea… To burn off the 3 sugars I put in my tea me and mum went shopping. It was the same old same old… I was really disappointed… But I did manage to find a coat dress (that I’ve always wanted) and a staple (but dowdy) merino and wool blend cardigan (but seriously, there’s so little merino, it feels just like normal wool)

100_6758 copy    100_6759 copy

Luckily, we got home just in time, avoiding that scary storm

 100_6745 copy  100_6753 copy

Headband: My own design

Top: no brand thermal

Skirt: My own design

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: China

Bag: Prada

Jacket: Granada

Scarf: House of Cashmere


Zip and snip

June 29, 2009 § 3 Comments

WOhh I can wear this skirt again! Today was rather boring, I did nothing in the morning, made pear tarts at lunch, cut new patterns for Lauren’s skirt and my friend poped over for 20 minutes just then. Luckily more exciting days are ahead.

100_6729 copy

Zip through dress (worn as top): Faffi (sample)

Chiffon and cotton skirt: my own design (should I start saying ‘Angela Yang Design’?)

Cropped bomber jacket: Huckabees

Mini loafers with chain: Lovelygirl

How was your first day of the holidays?


Jamie Huckbody leaves Harper’s Bazaar!

June 29, 2009 § 6 Comments

“Jamie Huckbody has left Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

He will be replaced by Edwina McCann, fashion features director of Grazia. She has previously worked for Australian Vogue, The Australian and Harper’s Bazaar (in another capacity, obviously).”

Cicciolina -TFS (Cicciolina is usually a pretty trustworthy source!)
I am sitting here in utter shock!  I love Jamie, he did such a fantastic job for HB! And replaced by someone from Grazia? Talk about sinking to a low! Why don’t they just grab someone from Totalgirl? On second thought… didn’t they do that at some  point? But I do wonder why he left… a better position? A new magzine(Alison left to start Grazia)?
I’m going to miss Jamie tremendeously… fingers crossed that Edwina’s going to do a somewhat decent job…
But “HUZZAHHHH” if it’s just a rumour.

Tending and mending

June 29, 2009 § 3 Comments

I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday slouched over my sewing machine, taking things in, out, up and down. Modifying some of my old designs, and putting the final touches on Michelle’s formal dress. And today I’m most likely to do the same (and re-organise my wardrobe). I’m afraid my scoliosis is going to get worse because of the slouching…

100_6685 copy

(From left) The purple chiffon and white cotton skirt: The white use to come out further than the chiffon, now I realise how much better it looks when they’re both the same length, Printed chiffon dress: I wore it on Friday and ripped the zip (blame it on then wedding food), fixed it but realised because I don’t have an over-locker the hem frays and I leave a ‘Hansel and Gretel’ like trail where ever I go. Cobalt blue, wool skirt: I bought it from the Camberwell markets 2 years ago but never wore t because it was so long. Foil lace skirt: I had to put a new elastic in because my mum wore this skirt so much that the it was stretched and I couldn’t wear it on my waist anymore. Grey, taffeta skirt: This dated back two years ago when I first started sewing. It had box pleats and a badly sewn invisible zip. So, I updated it with gathering and put in an exposed, contrasting, black zip.

100_6692 copy

I also added a layer of organza and another tier of ribbon trimmed tulle to Michelle’s dress for added ‘voompth’


Dressing 60′s

June 28, 2009 § 8 Comments

I bought this 60′s style ‘box jacket’ while I was in China earlier this year but I’ve only worn it once or twice. Not because I don’t like it, because my mum always wears it! I finally got it back and decided how better to wear it than with a 60′s style block coloured dress? I did have a pickle-y situation with the tights. These were the tight I bulk bought and realised the stocking crotch was at my knees. These were the only clean tights I had and I felt guilty that I bought so many pairs so I have to wear tight shorts over them to keep them not… If my dress flies up it won’t be very chic at all…

100_6661 copy     100_6670 copy

Jacket: Pour La Frime (Jap Brand, dispite the French title)

Dress: Lovelygirl

Tights: China

Shorts: Stella McCartney for Adidas

Shoes: BonBon

Gloves: Ports 1961


Gucci Resort ’10

June 27, 2009 § 2 Comments

Oh Gucci! How will I ever get tired of you? Actually I think I just did. This collection was rather… boring. We’ve been seeing the same look for 3 or 4 seasons. Same hair, same cropped pantsuit, same chunky platforms, same floaty dress, even the same models(though I must admit, Abbey and Lindsay both look great with bangs). I know consistency is good during tough times but… I mean, don’t get me wrong I like this look but after a while it gets boring. I just wish Frida could just put a little spin on it. Come on Fridda WORK YOUR MAGIC!

06m   11m

16m   20m

21m   24m

29m   38m



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