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July 30, 2009 § 3 Comments

Sorry guys and babes it’s been a horribly busy few days and I haven’t had a chance to put anything together. I’ve been trying so hard to catch up on homework, yesterday our car got in an accident (luckily no one was hurt) but our poor little baby of a car is KAPUT, and today I was unexpectedly taken on a car shopping trip. Don’t freight, I am promising an ‘I want list’ for August and a model feature too in the coming days.

But, I would love to take this chance to give a little shout out to Lauren who looks spectacular in the skirt I made for her.



Le Weekend

July 19, 2009 § 15 Comments

The sky was cluttered with clouds on Saturday and I channeled the sky and dress in pretty much in all grey. If only I had some grey tights and shoes…

I actually got a blowdry on saturday, and as soon as I stepped out it was all messed up again. And it didn’t help that I had to walk pretty much everywhere, a downside of being 15.


100_7264 copy

Later that night disaster struck; the internet crashed, T.V. was a black hole, I was inspiration-less (so I couldn’t design) and I broke the last sewing machine needle. So I retired to my bedroom unseasonably early (9:50pm) burned some scented candles, listened to Adele and read chic lit. But not for long, I was distracted by and somewhat obsessed with the shadows my candles made and snapped some pics. 

000_0014 copy

000_0013 copy

This morning I woke up in a sweat because I totally forgot I had a housewarming to go to and I had no idea what to wear. After about an hour of trying things on, taking it off, tweeting about it and watching ‘Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana’ (a crossover of Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite life on Deck and Hannah Montana) I finally settled on this:


The weather was splendid, ask any Melbournian and they would tell you today’s weather (well up to 4-ish) was just beautiful. I took this with my phone on our way home and it’s now my screensaver, I’ll be looking at it whenever the weather is lousy.

19072009141 copy

T-shirt: Giordano
Cardigan: Lovelygirl
Skirt: My own design
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Wolford
Booties: China
Necklace: a gift
Bag: vintage/nana’s

Top: thermals
Skirt: My own design
Necklace: China
Tights: Coles
T-Bars: Tony Bianco
Coat: Lovelygirl
Scarf: Mum’s
Bag (not shown): Vuitton beach satchel


PS. noticed the new, more ‘gentle’ watermark? I’ll be trialling a few over the coming weekends.

Angela Yang Designs S/S ’10

July 17, 2009 § 4 Comments

I started these mid-way through March but because I was so wrapped up in my school work, I didn’t finish it until a few nights ago. And I really didn’t want to be stuck on the same collection for so long so instead of the usual 30 looks, I just did 15. I can’t really pin point the inspiration for this mini collection, but I would say something really cheesy along the lines of ‘young modern’ or ‘chic cocktail’. But really, it’s just fun, simple but still rather glamourous things I would like to wear.

black fold over pants w suspenders fade out ruffle dress w couched detail

taupe rouched backless dress w black trim rouched detail top black wool skirt w zips

grey w black detail black skirt w sequined trim fade in ruffle gown with belt

More here, on my design website:

Hope you all enjoy it!


Miles to go… in fashion?

July 13, 2009 § 5 Comments

Well I admitted my obsession with Miley Cyrus 2 posts ago so let’s talk about her sense of style (some would say “or there lack of”). I would have to agree with them if we’re talking about her ‘everyday’ looks, the whole t-shirts, Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats, ripped jeans and ugg boots just don’t do it for me. I know she said “I’m just dressing like a normal girl would” but she also said she’s “into high fashion” and carries around that patent orange, Prada bag… Yuck! I could  find a better looking one on those ‘Asian-knock-off-are-everywhere-because-they-advertise-with-google’ websites. And don’t get me started on those vomit inducing Hannah Montana looks, but they’re for the concerts and shows so that’s somewhat accepted.

But, I do have to say her red carpet style is quite admirable and akin with my sense of style. She’s one of the few young stars right now that aren’t fully decked out in endorsed jewellery, or ‘so-short-if-you-bend-down-we-can-see-your-g-string’ dresses and thick layers of make up. The classic Valentino, red gown, Roberto Cavalli floral print gown, Herve Leger bandage, bold shoulder dress (L),  Marchesa gold and black mini dress and the Zuhair Murad sequined white, gown are some of her best looks. She knows what suits her and understands that ‘less is more’.

                05   80586132BG102_2008_CMT_Musi 

                09705_celeb-city_org-The_Elder-Miley_Cyrus_2009-04-23_-_Premiere_of_Hannah_Montana_Movie_in_London_250_122_177lo           87714_Celebutopia-Miley_Cyrus_arrives_at_the_2008_American_Music_Awards-23_122_57lo


And let’s not forget her latest Elle shoot, though the cover was… urhh a bit much (bra and patent, croc jacket? I wouldn’t even go there). The Prada (? Please do correct me if I am wrong)dress and Rodarte boots (I wish I had nice and long enough legs to wear over the knee boots) looks superb! But like I said on someone’s blog earlier; I’m really disappointed they went for a ‘rocker’ look but didn’t put her in Balmain?! A peak-shouldered blazer, loose t-shirt and acid splashed jeans would have worked SO WELL with the theme, but then again, it’s only ELLE.




 She’s been getting quiet a lot of ‘unwanted attention’ in regards to the shoot and it’s title of “she’s not a kid anymore”. People need to get OVER IT! She’s 16, 17 in November, she is NOT A KID ANYMORE! We can’t hang onto her Disney image forever. I would rant further but you can read my article in the premier  issue of YOKE magazine which comes out in august.

pics; tfs, just jared, sweet miley org, google images.


The time has come

July 12, 2009 § 20 Comments

In exactly 15 hours I will be stepping through the glass doors of my school to start semester 2. But this time, it’ll be doing it with a brand new attitude. Not only am I doing one of my favourite electives (Visual Communication and design) but if I get a good report, I’ll be getting a new pair of Louboutins!!! It’s a really beautiful light at the end of a hideous tunnel full of crap subjects and teachers (health? a compulsory elective… it’s not an elective is it’s COMPULSORY IS IT?!)

So, to really push myself I spent about 3 hours catching up on missed math exercises and 2 hours window shopping,  1 hour pressing my school uniform all while wearing my Louboutin Mad Marys.  


100_7218 copy

Dress: My own design

Shoes: Louboutin


100_7206 copy

Uniform: Bob Stwarts

So far I’ve slimmed down the hundreds of pairs of Loubs to just 6. I know I want someone that’s simple but well cut, not too much ‘toe clevage’, about 3-4 inches high, preferably black or caramel. Something that you can wear with every outfit but still with a little bit of something speacial (I think a flash of the red sole is speacial enough for me).

Ron Ron Suede pumps                                Hidden platform leather pumps

barneys ronron CL   leather pump

Decollette pumps in black                             Decollette pumps in nude

decollette black CL         decollette caramel CL

Simple pump in nude                                                Very Prive peeptoes in black

simple pump CL       very prive peeptoes CL

(pictures:, ,



July 11, 2009 § 4 Comments

Grant from Inkandleather has tagged me. Usually I just say thanks but don’t continue the chain but I (L) Grant and ‘honesty quizzes’.


“You have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Then you have to tag 10 people with the award. Finally, let all the people you’ve given the award to know they’ve gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). Don’t forget to link back to the person who awarded you.”

I’ll just be doing the 10 things because I don’t have time to go around and tag everyone. Sorry to be the party pooper.

1. I’m a total hypochondriac.

2. I’m the ‘mothery’ friend. I’m the one that brings the umbrella, the hand sanitisers, the bandaids, panadols and sanitary products.

3. I am insainly envious of people who are younger and more sucessful than me.

4. I haven’t stepped inside a Supre store in 2.5 years.

5. I actually do the whole ‘word vomit’ thing (Mean Girls) where I say what I’m thinking without realised and my friends all look at me and say “WHAT?” 

6. I’m a hoarder, I hoard everything and think ‘This might just come in handy one day’.

7. I’m not kidding or being sarcastic when I say “I (L) Miley Cyrus”. I would get a I (L) Miley t-shirt if it wasn’t from Supre.

8. I nearly used up all our internet for this month downloading Hannah Montana.

9. I really, really like to sing along with songs on the radio when I’m the car, and only in the car.

10. One of my eyes is bigger than the other and it’s really obvious when I don’t wear my glasses.

BTW this is what I wore yesterday

100_7182 copy

Cape: My own design

Cardigan: My own design via Erdos

T-shirt: Giordano

Pants: Something

Shoes: Nine West

Brooch: My mum’s

Bag: Guess

Gloves: Ports 1961


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