Savouring last of the colder weather

August 30, 2009 § 7 Comments

I was so excited when I heard it was going to be 16 and raining for this weekend, I nearly pulled out a ski suit! Sadly it only rained for 20 minutes and it was probably actually about 18 degrees but I stil wore some of my favourite winter warmers.

100_7851 copy

100_7857 copy

100_7859 copy

Silk and lace blouse- Annachi Girl
Purple lace trimmed skirt- My own design
Black and white coat- Famous Flower
Tights- Coles!
Cashmere scarf- House of cashmere
Pasta bow necklace- My own design
Black patent leather booties- China
Black leather bag- Vintage


PS. Noticed the new banner?

The little black skirt

August 16, 2009 § 21 Comments

We’ve all heard about the importance of a ‘little black dress’ but for me the ‘little black skirt’ is just equally important. Think about the things you could pair it with; a plain white shirt for a sleek, streamlined look, a sheer, black blouse for a sexy, vampy look, or a sequined tank for a more of a fun look.  I’ve been playing with ‘LBS’ designs for quite some time now and could never really settle for a silhouette or fabric. I finally settled on making two skirts!

This is a petticoat style skirt. It’s kinda fun, youthful for the dreaded summer.

100_7736 copy

This I’ve had in my head for ages! It’s a 80s/90s ‘double skirt’. I never thought I could pull the tighter style off but I look better than I imagined. It’s a little ‘snug’  but I’m using it as ‘thinsipration’, so I can wear this and bend down without fear of the seam bursting or zipper coming undone (BTW the zipper’s actually white for contrast and a bit of fun)

100_7748 copy

So, have you got a ‘little black skirt’?


PS. Sorry about the quality of the first picture, I was trying to sharpen it up on photoshop because it was very blurry. If any of you know how to focus a picture while it’s on self timer, please, do share!

Nearly Spring?

August 8, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m so sick of the rainy weather, wet school shoes and wind tangled hair but I’m also not exactly looking forward to spring because I get severe hay-fever so it’s a real catch 22 situation. Strangely the weather was just perfect today; sunny, warm, and calm. And that’s how I felt, well until my mum locked her phone, keys, the shopping and her bag in the car! But luckily, with my lock picking, chair kicking and youtubing skills ,the problem was resolved within an hour. My reward was Japanese ice-cream and a trip to Westfield. To be honest I was actually not looking forward to it, parking at Westfield is a nightmare and mum’s too embarrassed to use the valet parking because of the current state of our car.

I’m not one of those people who say “Shopping is my life, I love shopping”, I actually much prefer a trip to the fabric store and a few hours in front of my sewing machine, because it’s much more rewarding. But, I do love a nice trip once in a while.  I fell in love with the Bally Lysia bag:

And this Ralph Lauren cricket jacket/blazer.

rl blazer

Like I said on twitter this morning “going for a ‘tough on top, feminine on the bottom tactic to dressing today”.

100_7509 copy

100_7498 copy

Unfortunatly  my clutch couldn’t fit all of my stuff, the shoes were not broken into and even with the lovely weather it was still too cold to not wear a jacket. So I ended up swapping the shoes for a nice pair of broken in Mary-Janes, the clutch for my mum’s Prada and adding a cashmere cardigan.

100_7524 copy

Top: Thermal
Skirt: My own design
Gloves: Ports 1961
Shoes: RMK
Tights: Coles
Clutch: My own design
Necklace: Funqi


Midweek magazine madness

August 5, 2009 § 6 Comments

You could hear my cackle from miles away as I laid my hands on the 50th Anniversary issue of AUS vogue at 7:52 this morning and yesterday I skipped down Swanston St at 7:58am while holding my Collections issue of AUS Harper’s Bazaar.

Although I have to admit I haven’t had time to do anything other than flip through both but I did really enjoy carrying both around and just admiring it, especially Vogue, since it came in a gold box! But I was quite annoyed when I found out they only had one of the four covers at my favourite booth, I actually really like the ‘balenciaga’ one.

100_7464 copy

But by the looks of it, Harper’s Bazaar isn’t a let down either, I love ‘Vogue Paris Collections’ and the AUS HB version is not so shabby for a extra $3 along with the usual monthly magazine!

100_7471 copy

Sorry for such a short post but you know the deal, school’s being a pain the the backside.

100_7484 copy


August “I want list”

August 2, 2009 § 16 Comments

1. Alice + Olivia chain dress. I don’t actually want to buy this dress, I’m more inclined to make it. But there is a seriously limited range of chain on offer.

alice olivia necklace dress

2. Chloe wool coat. I need a new coat! I’ve been trying to find a black coat that is interesting enough to wear on its own but it won’t be distracting if I wear something riveting underneath.

chloe wool coat

3. Wolford vine print stockings. I’m actually a bit sick of black opaques since I wear them for 6 days a week (black opaques are a part of my school uniform too)!


4. Lanvin Amalia bag. I apply the same rule to bags as to coats; interesting but not distracting.

lanvin amalia bag

5. Lanvin Wedge boots. I know what you’re thinking “EW, wedge boots!” . The first pair of boots I remember having were wedges! And they were my life! I wore them until the black suede turned grey and the rubber big came off. My mum begged me to throw them away and she’ll buy me another pair but to my disappointment they didn’t have any left, to which I responded with wailing and screaming in the middle of Myer. Since then I’ve had an unhealthy fear of ‘boot shopping’ .

lanvin boots

6. Louboutin glitter pumps. FINALLY THEY COME IN A DECENT HEEL HEIGHT!

louboutin pumps

7. Luella Blouse. Well that’s my blouse for the month.

luella blouse

8. Moschino coat dress. I saw it on net-a-porter and just fell head over heels in love with it! I love the combination of navy and black and the pipped detail on the collar and shoulders is just divine!

moschino coat dress

9. Oscar De La Renta cuff. Different websites have described this differently, some say it’s a tree stem, others have avoided describing it at all. I think it looks like pretzel and it entertains me so I WANT ONE!

oscar de la renta cuff

10. Marc Jacobs ostrich stam. I think this is the best Stam yet!

ostrich stam

So, what are you oogling at this month?


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