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September 30, 2009 § 6 Comments

There really isn’t anything worse for a scoliosis sufferer than sitting in front of the sewing machine for 4 hours is it? I really ought to buy a new table and chair because after I made this dress I was crippled with pain, it honestly SUCKS TO BE A 15YEAR OLD WHO SUFFERS FROM CHRONIC BACK PAIN! But it was totally worth it. I can just see myself wearing this for the large majority of this summer. When I bought the fabric I intended on making just a plain, all chiffon dress, no ruffles or side panels. As much as I would love to say something outrageous like “the idea came to me in my dream” I can’t, to be honest it didn’t occur to be at all until I realised I made my pattern too small and didn’t fit me! I didn’t have enough chiffon left and the only other black fabric I had was this satin lining. After spending a good 20 minutes sulking and ‘throwing a hissy-fit’ I decided it would be a waste of fabric if I just threw the dress out so I utilised the lining!


Last night I did this headband but it didn’t work out so well; the glue I used was supposed to dry completely clear but it left a horrid white tinge on everything.


My koh-i-noor watercolours have been burning a hole on my desk so today I made some sketches to go with my ready made garments in my portfolio.


And my Louboutins have arrived!!!!! EEEP! I sprayed deodorizer on the inside because I hate that strong smell of leather and kind of f**ed up the gold scripture o.O  And they’re slippery, anyone know how to make it grip?100_8395

Hope you like them!


PS. I updated my “About who? Me?” ;-)

Versace S/S10

September 27, 2009 § 3 Comments

Ah-mah-gawd! I am so inspired, truly. At the beginning of each season (weather, not fashion) I sketch a few quick pieced that I’m going to make to wear (I don’t usually post them because I they’re very simple, straightforward ‘technical drawings’) and at the end of last month I thought “nah, no floral prints or brights for spring, too cliché”

Versace changed my mind. Everything from this collection screamed “SUMMER!” ok maybe except for the shoes; they scream “ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN!” My favourite look was the opening (yeah Abbey Lee Kershaw opened, hopefully she gets this season’s campaign too!), it was so beautifully clashy; the yellow print with that slightly psychedelic white and black print panel in the middle and the metallic bandage waist…

Oh look at the time, I’ve got to go, off to Clegs to by myself a few metres of floral and get my legs waxed! Enjoy the pictures (courtesy of style.com as always)

 00010m 00050m

00370m 00380m

00080m 00210m

00230m 00250m

00470m 00480m


Hmm… headbands

September 25, 2009 § 13 Comments

Headbands, my favourite accessory other than shoes, and who started it all? My favourite Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf.


The headbands on the commercial market are either ugly or uncomfortable (the metal ones actually bruised me behind the ears) so in usual Angela Yang fashion I set out to make them! I first started with knot headbands, then I started adding bows, and last night I made these:

100_8232 copy

100_8233 copy

I’ve now built a collection of 18 headbands, 13 of them made by me and 5 store bought(not shown). Have to admit my collection really is very small compared to Blair but hey, I don’t have  whole team of stylists or a wad of money expecially dedicated to headbands. I was going to make more and then sell them but I become so attach I find it hard to let go…

100_8234 copy


Preen S/S 10

September 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

I don’t know what to say, I just want to sit in the corner of a room, in flannel pajamas, with a bowl of full fat ice cream and just sob between mouthfuls. It’s just so bad, I’ve been lusting after last season’s ‘power bandage’ dress for so long and I was looking for something new from Preen and this whole collection was just ‘drab’, it lacked ‘pazaaz’. There was something so horribly 90′s about it all. The odd spaghetti straps, the shoulder padded lace blouse (I have nothing against shoulder pads but they have GOT to done right!) and the straight legged shiny pants reminded me too much of the first season of SATC (again, in a BAD way).

00010m 00080m

00140m 00190m

00220m 00230m

00250m 00260m

00370m 00400m



Roses in bloom

September 22, 2009 § 3 Comments

After nearly giving up on finding a nice black and white print fabric for a spring skirt, I finally found this white on black, (subtle, ok fine, ‘some what subtle’) rose print twill.


I knew, straight away what I wanted to do with it, a short, high waisted(duh!), pleated skirt with pockets (because pockets make EVERYTHING better!). And that’s exactly what I did for most of Saturday night and Sunday morning.

blackroseskirt 003 copy

Only to realise it was missing something…I tried bows, hemming it higher(sounds bad but you’d be surprised, sometimes an inch can make all the difference), making the band at the top shorter, and finally it hit me (like a ton of bricks): Tulle! Well a tulle underskirt.

100_8153 copy


Marchesa S/S09

September 20, 2009 § 4 Comments

I am so in love… Marchesa always delivers an amazing, etherial, seriously lustworthy collection and this season was nothing short of it. The rose shaped cut-out dress is probably the  most epic dress I have seen since… well last season Marchesa I guess… The white (cape?) dress and the printed stockings add a slightly more animated element in the collection. Over all it all looked so dreamy…

00010m 00030m

00040m 00080m
00090m  00120m

00140m 00180m

00190m 00250m

 pics- style.com


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