Prints and Florals!

January 5, 2010 § 17 Comments

That’s what I’m feeling! But honestly, I cannot wait for summer to be over and it’s only January! I just want to be wrapped in cashmere, wear merino tights and slip on gloves! Unfortunately I can’t fast forward time and as far as I know I won’t be making a trip to the northern hemisphere like I did last year so I had to make do the only way I knew how-sew! Well sewing just made me dizzy and hotter, sewing prints that I could wear in summer (nothing going to stop me wearing them in Winter!) made me feel a tad better.

Iceberg blue, floral print skirt with pockets

Mix blue floral swirl pleat skirt with pockets

Black/white mix print skirt

With the remnants I made several bows, I can wear the small one in my hair with a bobby pin but I can’t decide if I want the bigger ones on a headband or a hair slide…

Now that I’ve got 40 skirts (39 of them made by yours truly) I need more tops and blouses! I’m thinking of either decorating simple tanks and t-shirts or making them from scratch, the only problem is now that I’m working I barely have time!

Anyway, hope your weekend was fabulous!


Hello twenty ten!

January 3, 2010 § 15 Comments

I rang in the new decade with my friends Bianca and Lisa. We had an absolute blast, starting off with dinner at Meshiya (actually it started off with running a km in searing hot weather wearing heels, only just making it onto the train and then being forced off it because of an air-con malfunction, but hey! POSITIVES!), a contemplative cab ride about going to the The Salty Dog (ended up with “YES! Let’s go!” But it was closed, HA!) then, sing (midnight rendition of Taylor Swift’s Fifteen anyone?) and dancing our way ’til 40 seconds until 2010.

Yes, that was my christmas present…

01-01-10 00:27

One of my favourite pictures of the night

Probably the worst attempt at covering up my face, ever. I don’t think it crossed my mine that you can see through glass then.


Today(YAY! I finally got the hang of the self timer/focus on my DSLR, what a difference!):

Top: Belle du jour
Skirt: My own design
Belt: Thrifted
Cardigan: My mum’s
Necklace: China
Shoes: Tony Bianco

Hope you had a fabulous NYE!


PS. Thanks lisa for the photos!

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