Sewin’ up a storm

March 30, 2010 § 11 Comments

Ohh I love the holidays! Not only do I get to sleep and get up when I want to (even though I still wake up at 7:15) and I get to sew to my heart’s content.

Silver jacquard skirt to replace my other silver skirt which I ruined (long story)

Red, polka dot tulle skirt

Grey, jersey peplum dress


PS. To answer your constant questions regarding my designs – I don’t really use commercial patterns. I do have 2-3 ‘basic blocks’ that I use to as a building block for my more complex designs and 1 pattern I had to buy for my VET class but other than that it’s all draping and Trial/Error ;)

Catch ups and fess ups

March 27, 2010 § 12 Comments

Keeping it nice and short today since I’m trying to juggle just a little too much today. Yesterday I meet up with Porcelain Blonde for a quick snack at Laurent. She is one extraordinary gal! We had such a lovely time, it didn’t take long for us to fall off the stools laughing.

Cashmere cardi, Alexander Wang coco, Big W flats (hahah), Lizard bracelet from ebay + I made the headband, dress and earrings.

I’ve been living in flats for the last couple of days because I confess! I have sustained a gross looking, fashion related injury. My flourecent jellies gave me a hell of a blister which grew OVER a healing cut over a VERY awkward spot on the arch of my foot making it impossible to walk let alone wear heels for the last couple of  days. Only today did I dare to slip on some comfy mary janes but it didn’t last long since soon after I took the photos I was dying to slip them off.

Bardot blouse from back in the days, skirt of my own design, Shabanina shoes, jewelery are all gifts or from ebay, unknown belt….

Bon Weekend!


April “I want” list

March 25, 2010 § 9 Comments

Ahhh it’s the holidays and what better way to celebrate than making a “I want” list. Wow, I can’t believe this is the first one for the year, considering I spent days on end on net-a-porter!

Rick Owens leather jacket – The weather is thankfully cooling down and my old leather jacket is just a bit too thick

Roberto Cavalli snake bangle – The facination with animal jewelery continues!

Judith Leiber clutch – Too cute!

Tom Binns necklace – OTT version of a sweater clip

Maison Martin Margiela belt – To toughen up girly skirts

Fishnet and stud Louboutins – need I say anything?

Miu Miu cage platforms – perfect nude pumps!


Vanessa Bruno cape – This will solve dressing for weird autumn weather


Red Valentino t-shirt – Think I might skip the $300 and just DIY this one ;)


Pictures- and


Just hanging on

March 21, 2010 § 8 Comments

One more week of school left (actually 3 more days since our school has to close on Grand Prix days because our campus is so close to the noise) and I’m just pulling through. For some reason I always get ill either ON or JUST before the holidays which is a huge bummer. I managed to pull myself together to at least try to enjoy my weekend! Yesterday’s brunch with Lady Melbourne, Ink and leather and Amelia was such a blast, it’s so great to chat with such fabulous, wise and freaking hilarious people (not that my school friends aren’t all of the said above)! Everything from Heidi Montag to Thai ladyboys, were tossed around, not one topic was spared. I was blown away by them, I just sat there dumbfounded thinking  to myself “wow, I hope I’m this amazing when I’m in my 20′s”

Oh and this bike matched my shoes! Grant pointed it out and I’ve never whipped out my camera quicker.


Today I had a quiet day but I still couldn’t admit defeat on my body and got dressed. I paired together 3 of the supposedly most unflattering looks, horizontal stripes, cuffed pants and ankle strap shoes. To be honest I don’t actually care, it was comfy, fun and I’m in love with these shoes. -shrugs- Both the little straw hat and the shoes were Lisa’s, what can I say, that girl’s got style!



PS. See Lisa, I do give credit where credit is due!

LMFF 2010

March 17, 2010 § 14 Comments

Every year for the past 3 years we’ve gone and we’ve been disappointed with our squint seats (you have to squint or have a really good camera to see the clothes); with the only thing raising our spirits being the celebrities and models we meet. This year, Doutzen wasn’t here, I didn’t get to yell out ‘Miranda Otto i love you’ (yes, to Miranda Otto) and we sat further back than ever despite booking as early as ever, the seating arrangement was very different due to the ‘one sided’ catwalk, meaning everyone was squished to the other side. I did however get excited about seeing some amazing street style and bump into some bloggers. There were a few ensembles that were memorable, one being the gorgeous girl in the magenta jumpsuit and the other being (possibly dion lee’s girlfriend) wearing a stunning pair of these, blue scuba skirt and a sheer blouse. But I did get to say a quick hello to Lady Melbourne , spoke with Hayley a few times, and sat next to the gorgeous Little Black Book (but couldn’t get any pictures because there were several exits so the ‘wait out the front’ thing didn’t work out so well, and my friends wanted dinner afterwards). Speaking of beautiful people Annika Kaban was strutting her stuff on the catwalk again this year, gosh I love this girl, I wonder why she’s not up there with Abbey Lee, Cat Mac and Skye? She’s just as gorgeous and looks as versatile. She needs a big campaign or cover, fast! Oh and we saw Cassi Van Den Dungen… Boy, was I surprised… I’d never watched ANTM I’ve only seen her pictures from the papers and website that reported on her ‘bogan behaviour’. It took us the whole duration of the show to realise it was indeed her! I think she was picked up by her mum at the end of the show, actually 3 or 4 models were picked up by a parent or guardian, ‘naw cute’! Anyway, even though I’d seen some of the collections -Collette Dinnigan showed in Paris a few weeks ago, Sass and Bide showed in London and last month, Toni Maticevski also showed in NY it was still a good experience. Moreover, I did grow fond of the bi-colour chanel-esque tights, I think they were Lavante, I’ve got to get my hands on some before autumn really hits us!

This year again, I went with my two best friends Lisa and Bianca, who both looked amazing and thanks to Bianca we also got some amazing photos!

We tried out hand at some ‘jakandjil’ style photos. Ha, I think that’s best left to Tommy Ton.

Then we had dinner at one of the overpriced restaurants next to central pier.

Blazer: Online
T-shirt: My own design (actually only the shoulder pads are)
Skirt: My own design
Shoes: C. Louboutins
Bag: Alex Wang
Bracelets and earring: Online/presents


Welcome to the family!

March 14, 2010 § 11 Comments

Say hello to my Alexander Wang Coco/Rocco! Had to seek high and low for this little gem! It’s not as textured as I hoped it’ll be but it’s breathtaking none the less. Simple on top, tough on the bottom.

And my mum’s Mulberry Bayswater, so classic and the leather is so superb, even on the inside it’s amazing (not fond of the smell.. again…) I dare say it’s probably better that the Hermes Birkin  o.O

Thanks Sabrina, mum, dad, aunt, grand ma!


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