DIY embellished t-shirt

April 28, 2010 § 18 Comments

 I’ve been asked numerous times before to do a DIY tutorial but for numerous reasons (mainly laziness) I’ve rejected the idea, but I finally stumbled upon something that’s cute, fast and requires very little real sewing skills. T-shirt decoration, and I’m not talking the usual print screen and cut stuff here! I’m not very good with giving or taking instructions I’m more of a ‘sew-as-you-go’ gal so please bear with my instructions. You’ll need:

- An oversized t-shirt

-Hand sewing needles

-Tailor’s chalk


-Tape measure/ruler


And the following in a contrasting colour to your T (but no green and red combos… just no, please)

-A pair of lace collars ( I’m not 100% about where you can get them but lace cut into the shape of a collar – either peter pan or ainsley will do)

- 5 buttons

- 10 cm of trimming ; I’ve chosen a cute crochet but ruffles, more lace and any eyelet trimming would be fine

- 45cm of  satin or grosgrain ribbon ; any thickness from 0.5-2cms

 Step 1: Pin decorative collar to the neckline of the T and the trim to the top of the pocket (or the general area where it would be if your T doesn’t have a pocket ) and sew!

Step 2: Make a bow with the ribbon and attach onto the centre of the collar, by attach I mean sew.

Step 3: Using the tailor’s chalk mark 5 dots, 2 inches apart starting 3 inches down from the neckline

Step 4: Stitch the buttons onto marked dots, and you’re pretty much done!

Optional: Belt loops + sash

- Thread that matches your t-shirt

- Ribbon measuring your waist + 50 cms

Step 5: Put on your T-shirt and mak a dot where your natural waist is and repeat on other side. Take it off, then mark dots either 2 inches above or below the original dot depending on whether you want a higher or lower belt (but it really doesn’t matter much).

Step 6: Make 4 back and forth long stitches from one dot to another and repeat on the other side. Thread the belt through…

ET VOILA! You’re done!



Very Blair huh? Or Dorota?



April 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

Oh how I love this weather! The mercury is hovering between 19-21 (degrees celsius), the sun occasionally playing peek-a-boo and there’s just enough wind to give you runway hair and make your skirt flutter. When I was dressing this morning I knew I wanted a nice dramatic look either monotone or colour block. Well actually, I just had to choose between my new bi-colour tights or raspberry tights and build a look around it. I eventually settled on bi-colour!

T-shirt dress: Weekender

Necklace (sorta hidden): Funqi

Cape: My own design

Tights: Ambra

Shoes:  Sogui eli giorgia

Headband veil: My own design

Bag: My mum’s

Bangle: Ebay


Cape and paint splatters

April 18, 2010 § 9 Comments

I was going to go on a rant about how much I hate shopping but for the sake of not being hounded down by denim legging wearers I have to refrain. Anyway the weather has been very TYPICAL Melbourne here in for the last week; it was freezing cold mon-fri and suddenly the sun decided to put on an impromptu show and warm us up for the weekend! Which made is so hard to get dressed on saturday morning, imaging what it would be like not to have to wear 80 denier tights under my skirt  but I managed ;)

Cape: My own design
T-Shirt: Giordano
Skirt: My own design
Bag: Frippery
Bracelets: Gifts
Bow: My own design
Jellies: Online

I decided to ‘forgive-those-who-have-wronged-blistered-us-in-the-past’ and wear those jellies again… Why do adorable things cause so much pain like puppies who pee in expensive shoes, headbands that give you bruises behind your ear and ‘fun pens’ that run out JUST as you start the best paragraph of an essay?

Do any of you watch NYC prep? I thought I’d give it a go since Gossip Girl’s taking a week off. I love this whole fake drama thing, there’s really nothing better to make you momentarily forget about the shit going on in your own life! And Sebastian’s adorable, his French skills and pervy dad totally trumps over man bangs on GG. Nate archi-who?


Angela does cubism

April 14, 2010 § 7 Comments

Hey ASABers and ASABettes. I’m so wrapped up in school work I’ve barely had any time to rest let alone design or seek materials for a nice blog post so I thought, why not combine the 2?! One of the things I’ve been occupied with is my semester 1 art final (well it’s not a ‘final’ but it’s a major piece). It’s a cubism inspired mix media piece, here’s a little snippet of one of my explorations (but not the final).

Stay tuned for more and I promise as soon as the flow of homework lessens I’ll do a few outfit posts and post some designs!


Who wears short shorts?

April 7, 2010 § 11 Comments

I normally wouldn’t, unless they’re high waisted or I’m working out… Low slung, threadbare, denim ‘pocket shorts’ (shorts so short that you can see the end of the pockets?) are deeply unflattering on any one with a BMI higher than 19, even so they have to be worn right. I have one pair of high waisted shorts but they’re rather uncomfortable and a bit too tight, so I set out to make another!

Velvet button detail ;)

I love them paired with a blazer, Loubies, and Bayswater.

I just wish I put some pockets in them, there’s always next time.


Up to the mountain top

April 5, 2010 § 4 Comments

Going up to Mount Dandenong on a public holiday is fast becoming my family’s favourite tradition. The drive up is always fun and so refreshing to be surrounded by endless rows of trees instead of houses and the view from up on top is stunningly scenic, especially on a nice clear day (even though, we’ve been up there on an overcast day and it’s still spectacular). Not to mention how much I love shopping for antiques and rare little gems up in the little towns of Olinda and Sassafrass, sadly this time we were too exhausted to bother searching for parking. I long to just stay at a spa or even a homely B&B and just absorb the tranquility (ok maybe not during bushfire season)…


Ok, pan down a little and you’ll see I’m hiding something hugely sinful… Oh yeah, flip flops, because of recent complications with a foot injury I’ve been ordered to wear sandals or flip flops. To me, flip flops are like uggs, indoor only or maybe under certain conditions like at the beach or snow (for uggs).

For those who haven’t yet seen my mum…

Hope your easter long weekends were great and (getting a little preachy here) sadly I didn’t get to go any easter services because of my busy schedule and guests staying with us so for the religious ones among us “‘Christ the Lord is risen to-day,’ Sons of men and angels say. Raise your joys and triumphs high; Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply.” Charles Wesley

Outfit details
Blazer: Lovelygirl
T-shirt: Giordano
Jeans: Miss60
Flip Flops: Target
Cuff: Online
Watch: Gift
Sunglasses (not mine): Gucci
Necklace: VinaVina


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