4 is the magic number

September 30, 2010 § 15 Comments

As promised I sewed heaps over the holidays, mainly for my studio art project but I’ve managed to sneak 4 skirts in there for myself out of the remnants of the fabric for art!
Printed velvet circle skirt with exposed zipAnd as with all circle skirts, the obligatory twirl photoGreen crushed velvet mini with exposed zip and bowsMicro-pleat/plisse gathered skirtBlue and black lace skirt (this was actually by stitching together several meters of lace trim)Speaking of art project, I do have a little sneak peak of the shoot I did last week! That dress is one of my favourite designs now(obviously without the silver feature, that’s more of a symbolic thing for my theme, it is entirely removable), it’s made to Bianca’s measurements so I’ll have to shed my winter jiggly bits haha!XXASAB

Casual weekend and something borrowed

September 27, 2010 § 9 Comments

Just a quick one before I get back to my sewing! The weekend has most certainly been lovely, just enough sun to warm us up not so much we all turn to crisp (no seriously, to all you over seas readers- Australian sun is lethal!) I had the first  of the three photo shoots for my studio art project on friday night and although I don’t have any pictures yet I did leave with something. Bianca made away with the dress I designed and in exchange I got her shoes for the weekend! On saturday I had to take my overlocker in for some servicing (apparently it has syncing problems) and unintentionally wore a red, white and black outfit, on football grand final day, and got mistaken for a St Kilda fan, awkward, since I take no interest in football at all. Sunday was devoted to a lipstick hunt. Bright colours for spring (and something for the photo shoot)- magenta and coral, much more fun than red, don’t get me wrong I still love red, but I’m 16 that’s far too early to settle on a signature lipstick.I just couldn’t resist not wearing these darling 3 strap Mary janes(besides the fact they have been filling my room with the smell of bubble gum) so I paired it with a nice little casual black and white outfit. I was initially going to wear the scarf in my hair, it eventually made its way on my neck and gahh I found it so annoying so on my bag it went.Sheer T-Shirt: Weekender, shoulder pads and fringe added by me
Side peplum skirt: My own design
Blazer: Lovelygirl
Watch and cuffs: Ebay
Button ring: My own design
Jelly Mary Janes: Borrowed, Viv Westwood x Melissa
Bag: Guess

Noire et blanche

September 24, 2010 § 10 Comments

The weather hasn’t been that great lately as I was telling B from fell down the rabbit hole, kind of nice IMO, not a big fan of summer how ever I am starting to become a fan of NOT wearing tights. Froze just a tiny bit in this outfit, not really a great day to not wear tights haha!  Also, funny that people commented that my last outfit was very Blair Waldorf, I actually took these pics the day before and thought this was very Blair; headband, scroll print, satin jacket? Speaking of obsessed, Gossip Girl fans try this NY MAG super quiz, not for the faint hearted, this is hard core, watch each episode 3 times stuff! I got 41/50 just enough to earn me Queen Bee (woot!) This season is just so awesome so far but I feel a little but torn though! *SPOILER* I thought I was always on team Blair but it’s hard to fall for the of Clemence Poesy’s Eva, with her neutral palette and little dresses. Which BTW isn’t all that realistic since she’s meant to be poor.. OR IS SHE? However she does only seem to have two pairs of shoes and bags through out the whole thing which is slightly more realistic…
Picture overload! I got totally carried away with the pictures today, it’s the holidays and I have time to take pictures of every little detail.It’s an Alice+Olivia but I altered to fit me better, making the neckline a lower v-neck, making darts and shortening it by an inch, here’s the original.XO earrings, they were gifted to be and I immediately thought “XOXO GOSSIP GIRL” I think I showed off this a while ago but again, HOW CUTE IS THIS TEACUP CHARM? And I’m almost 100% the person I gave the other half of the best friends charm too lost theirs… AWKS that I’m wearing it!This is now my favourite colour of nail polish, it’s a dark grey with a hint of brown, similar to a dark taupe. And I made this ring with a cute little button and the base of an old ring!Dress: Alice and Olivia , altered by me
Cuffs: Ebay
Watch: Swatch
Ring, velvet headband and necklace: My own design
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Chain bracelet: Gift

Black with a dash of blue

September 22, 2010 § 11 Comments

I am so behind on outfit posts dispite the fact that it’s the holidays! Here’s one from last friday, it was casual day at school and there were no themes! I love dressing with themes, sometimes there’ll be a picture or an editorial that inspires me and I take it as a personal challange, I think one week I’ll do all the colours of the rainbow. A colour each day, wouldn’t that be… interesting?  Though, I don’t own much orange or yellow. Anyway, friday was lovely due to the fact I had an extra early finish because it was formal night. I didn’t go so I had plenty of time to go for a run and undo it all with a visit to Laurent with Lisa who is officially the worst food influence ever since she has metabolism the speed of light. Though I was informed by many people about how nice my skirt was… little did they know it was just a piece of fabric I had basically wrapped aroud me because my t-shirt was too short to wear as a dress and I neede something tight that would stay put incase I ever had to bend over (which I don’t do since I bend with my knees, but sometimes it’s just nice to to flash your stocking crotch to the greater public of Melbourne).I’ve worn this coat numerous times but I’ve never posted a close up it, the anchor buttons are so cute.
Top: Decorated by me but from Weekender
Skirt: My own design
Tights: Razzamatazz
Belt: Thrifted
Scarf: Zara
Bag: Mulberry
Earrings + Ring: My own design
Shoes: Rivers

Upcoming projects!

September 19, 2010 § 6 Comments

It’s finaly school holidays again and as anti social as it sounds, it will finally be free of interruptions and visiting relatives. Last 2 holidays was spent doing touristy stuff with relatives and going out with people I don’t particularly like and wondering around aimlessly, not doing any homework or sewing. This time, I have set myself a goal, written a to do list, planned exactly which days I will be going out and what to do there.  
Getting back to what I love to do best, here are some designs which will hopefully be coming to life really soon!I’m sure I’ve said this before but I’m a fabric hoarder, I see it, I buy it, I plan great things for it and in time I forget and it lays gathering dust (matter of speech, I keep them in tidy, dust free draws and boxes). These are my new victims;Aubergine Lace (I’ve got high hopes for this, formal dress possibility)Interesting (eyestraining) striped cotton sateenLight cotton with micro pleats, hmmm micro-pleats, ever since Selena from Dear Selena brought out her Acne skirt at the last meet up, I’ve wanted some micro-pleats!Mint printed cotton poplin (So great for summer, bought it for PJs but I think they could be worn out)And finally, black and white tweed (nearly wrote tweet! ahah)But on top of that I have a very exciting (as well as time and effort consuming) art project to finish! This project involves lots of designing, sewing, fabric shopping and get this; photo shooting! I can’t reveal too much at the present time since this project is quite close to my heart  though I might show some bits or pieces and I’ll be working with my friend Georgia from Passionate Camera so maybe some of the finished photos too!
Holidays will also mean lots of outfit photos!

Inspired by Proenza + new layout + shop!

September 12, 2010 § 12 Comments

Wooohhhh after a year(or more) I’ve finally found a new layout that I am satisfied with and fufills all my widgety needs! So long to the grey and lime and hello to a crisper, white layout. The only downside to this theme is the large spacing between the lines and pictures but some minor adjustments should solve that (hopefully, if it doesn’t we’ll just have to get use to it!) I’ve also added a new page! Remeber how I was selling some clothes etc on Ebay and had a post? Well I’ve made a special page for it! http://angelaseeangelablog.wordpress.com/shop/ Shop away!
On another note, I was inspired by Proenza Schouler Spring ’10, even though I didn’t review it the hues of blue and the care free over all look of the collection was quite an inspiration.style.com
But until now, I had failed to find the right fabric, there was nothing of the right weight or pattern. One look at this fabric, I knew exactly what i wanted to do with it, a pleated, high waisted mini.

Hope you all like the skirt, explore and enjoy the new layout!
PS. I’m also open to new link exchanges, just drop me an email or comment ;)

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