Romp and stomp!

October 29, 2010 § 17 Comments

FINALLY exams are over and I am ecstatic! I have 2 weeks of extra holidays before speech night and year 12 orientation and I’m going to use that time to finally sketch up and sew some new designs. My fabric draws are overflowing and so is my creativity, I promise to show the sketches as soon as I finish them. But right now all I have to show is an outfit. I’ve started wearing smaller bangles under my clear plastic one and creates a really interesting effect, also I found an old key and put it on my  tea cup necklace, kinda weird and cute!Romper: Sash and rose, altered by me
Jacket: My own design
Socks: Holeproof
Mary janes: Louboutin
Necklace: My own design
Scarf: Bargain
Bracelets and watch: Online/gifted
A large percent of Melbourne has cup fever! For my overseas readers, the Melbourne cup is a horse race and it’s sort of a big occasion for people to dress up for a day out, show off some nice headwear (though some think of it as the perfect chance to wear clubbing clothes in broad day light – never really flattering, get smashed and stammer home with heels in their hands). Normally interesting facinators, big bows and feathered concoctions would be my hat wear of choice but think this year (if I go, but I won’t unless I get into a marque) this mini straw hat given to me by Lisa would be my preference. It’s a simple piece and wouldn’t pose as a health hazard for anyone within a 1 meter radius.
Also, just quietly, I’m just a LITTLE in LOVE with Taylor Swift’s new album, I just hope I can get a signed version of it like I got for her last album -crossing my digits- XXASAB

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§ 17 Responses to Romp and stomp!

  • B says:

    OMG, adorable outfit!
    That romper is so so gorgeous!

    Wuv, B.

  • Harlow says:

    Stunning outfit, that bowed jacket is fabulous!
    And yes, depite all of the cocktails and facinators that are everywhere in store this week, I’m still not excited about the Cup. These days I resonate the cup with images of drunk girls in cocktail dresses walking barefoot with their heels in their hand and smudged lipstick on their face…not too hot!

  • d says:

    That playsuit is too cute! Jealous about finishing exams, I’m gearing up to start them!

  • Bec says:

    Those socks and your louboutins look perfect and so cute as is the whole outfit.
    I’m not a big fan of the cup either, my colleagues have been talking about nothing else for the last half hour, and yeah, they’re “that” type you mentioned there.

  • Luan says:

    Your shoes and socks are gorgeous!!!

  • Dena says:

    You have the most amazing style Angela. I just love everything you wear and you make it all look so good.

    ps. that lipstick shade really suits you.

  • Lee Oliveira says:

    I adore your outfit a lot, even more that you have Louboutin’s one.

  • Georgina says:

    I love “Mine” by Taylor Swift; not sure if that’s on the new album or not. I don’t really listen to her music and that is the only song I like.

    I never really got the big deal with the Melbourne Cup, but I know it’s a huge event. I don’t know why girls have to wear such outrageous headgear though – simple is best, and nothing that sticks out too much! D:

    I love the detail on the shoes and the jewellery.

    I wear these two keys on a necklace from time to time; I actually got it from a shirt and jacket that were designed to be Alice in Wonderland style. :3

  • Stéphanie says:

    Oh ! My sweet frriend ! You’re just lovely and adorable !

  • I always say this but you are INSANELY talented!! The jacket with those bows… Its so amazing that you made that! I love this outfit! You rock the socks!!


  • Carla says:

    Awesome blog dear!!

    Redhead In Law

  • Stylista says:

    Hey, we’re both in the same year of school! I love the bracelet with the pearls inside. It’s so unique.

  • paige says:

    I love this outfit because it’s comfortable and stylish, without giving off the feel of trying to hard. You look so beautiful, the accessories, the socks, everything you wear came up so fab. I want try it mmmmmmm..

  • Ellisa says:

    Taylor’s my guilty, secret, favourite singer haha! the socks really make everything pop, I’m so buying a pair, I saw them the other day and was like “ahh maybs” but now it’s def a “yes”


  • Ah, finally. Maybe someone esteemed like yourself may enlighten me with an answer to a conundrum. Why is a raven like a writing desk? Alas that is not the riddle. What is the fascination with socks of varying shades and lengths paired with heels? I am at a loss… Mind you, trying on high heels at school with school socks to confirm whether indeed you will or will not borrow the shoes. That look has potential :).

  • xs says:

    love the key necklace. it’s very gossip girl.

  • fam l melb says:

    Lovely hat really cute. it gonna be perfect for cosplay dress up

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