Hola mamacita!

November 28, 2010 § 25 Comments

It was a warm and balmy night (by that I mean hot, sticky and gross) night when me and Lisa went out for dinner at Mamasita’s. The food was just astonishingly good, it changed my perspective on Mexican food forever, and needless to say I will never happily settle for Taco Bill(though I will continue to go for the fishbowls) or Old El Paso again! I’m no food reviewer (though I have totally been tempted to drop the “I write a restaurant review blog” line just to see what’ll happen) but I’d love to think I’m a foodie in the making. I’m not one of those kids who only eat processed foods, drinks slurpies with energy shots and turn my nose up at anything that sounds remotely weird. I’m pretty much willing to try everything (with the exception of ginger and raw meat) and then going home to attempt my own version. Though, I think it’s too late in my fashion blogging life to add ‘slash foodie’ to my title haha! Anyway, back on mamasita! They don’t take bookings so we lined up for about 30 mins in the hot stairway before we could even get a place at the bar but the lovely sangria I had to quench my thirst afterwards was totally worth it Because of the wait we had previously (and possibly the Adrian Grenier lookalike bar tender) we ate at the bar. 2 serves of tacos was shared between us(ok I admit, not adventurous as we could be), one beef and chorizo and one fish. Both were just delightful, especially with the lovely and light salsa verde. For some reason ordering the grilled corn slipped our minds but you know what didn’t? Dessert! Coconut flan and grilled banana with icecream! (wish I took a picture of the dessert but I was too eager to tuck in)It was far too nice of a night to go home straight away so a visit to one of my favourite haunts; the Parliament House stairs was definitely a great idea.I love that it’s like our MET stairs just with less tourist and more political protests, I go there (or sometimes city museum)whenever I’m down the Paris end of the Collins or Bourke St just to chill out (granted the weather is permitting and there aren’t any protests or people taking wedding photos) but I never had a chance to get snaps. It’s beautiful from any angle!
I hope it wasn’t illegal to jump on the window or anything :s but these are pretty awesome photos!I didn’t get a good outfit photo so this’ll do.
Dress: My own designs (I haven’t posted this yet, made it on the day)
Necklace: Mimco
Perspex wedges: China
Bracelet: Ebay
Watch:  Gifted
Snake ring: Prouds
1/11 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9650 3821
PS. How cute are Lisa’s shorts?!

Art Project

November 22, 2010 § 16 Comments

A while ago I posted a picture from the big, secretive art project I did and I’m happy to report, I’ve received a pretty good mark for it so I can now show it to all you guys!!! The theme of our year 11 studio art project (and I say our because it’s a joint project between me and G of Passionate Camera) was a mash up of stereotypes and metamorphosis. Weird I know, but I decided to go about it in the way I know best, through clothes. I hear the phrase “you are what you wear” a lot and explored the idea of people using clothes to hide who they really are and then slowing using clothes to show who they really were. So we chose 3 models to convey 3 changes (but to be honest with you, I just ended up playing with looks and fabric I wanted which kind of let me down mark wise) the first being a socialite who was a hippie at heart, second a workaholic who’s actually a homebody and finally a housewife(we used that term very loosely) who was actually a big party girl.All garments made by me, photography by G and models are friends Bianca, Victoria and Grace (Aren’t they gorgeous? Surprised they haven’t been picked up by agencies yet!) 
Because these were made for the project and not to my measurements I have  no choice but to sell some of the pieces!
Size 8 hand painted, super cute skirt. I think this would be great for a costume (though it can’t be washed because the paint is acrylic haha). Waist: 26 inches. $20 + PostageSize 8 gray, side peplum skirt. I wish this could fit me comfortably!  Waist: 25 inches $20 + PostageSize 10 (possibly even 12) silk slip/nightie. Snap this one up quickly before I change my mind! The bust and waist is elastic so it’ll fit B-C bust  and the total Length is 88cms. $20 + PostageAnd this is probably going to be my formal dress for next year, but knowing me I’ll probably whack something up last minute and that’ll bump this more formal version of the embellished lace and chiffon dress out of the spot so I’ll keep you posted if I decide to sell this too. ;)XXASAB

The big 500th post!

November 15, 2010 § 30 Comments

Ahhh I’ve made it, 500 posts! Wohhh! Yay! Huzzah! Woot woot! It’s been a long/ fun/exciting/amazing/exhilarating journey and I’ve been enchanted to meet all of you along the way. I didn’t intend on becoming a fashion blogger when I first started  (as you may have noticed from the lack of anything fashion related in my blog title), my first posts were about how I didn’t want to go to back to school, other typical teen angst and littered with badly self timed photos taken with flash and terrible grammar. But somewhere along the way I decided to switch to outfit blogging and showing my designs. Speaking of which I’ve made 5 special skirts for my 500th post!
-Black houndstooth skirt with beaded buttons, simple, straight forward, versatile!-Grey wool skirt with black detail and exposed zip. Sewing the black ruffles on was such a pain, I watched 3 episodes of mad men while doing it, that’s how long it took but it was so worth it!-Mint ruffled skirt, this is the fairy skirt I’ve been ranting about all weekend. The embroidery is so pretty, I’d been putting off doing anything with it fearing I’d get something wrong.-Smokey purple and black skirt with ‘up/down’ pleats, I made this from the fabric left over from the smokey purple dress and added black and pleats going up on one side and down the other.-Striped pleat skirt with exposed zip, I swear I will never wear this with my striped blazer!Thanks for all your support during the last few years!
PS. I’ve added a new page on the left sidebar where you can buy some of my designs and updated my design website too.

Mish mash of new designs

November 11, 2010 § 21 Comments

As you may have noticed, I don’t really design to a theme, most of my designs don’t really flow into a collection but that’s the way I like it. To me, right now, designing is really a creative outlet and to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, what I want, what’s missing in my wardrobe. When I go shopping for fabric I always get what catches my eye, not necessarily the best choice. Since I always buy without a design in mind, I become a fabric hoarder and since I’m on holidays now I’ve had the best chance to turn the fabric into designs!
Black and white peter pan collar dress with V-back. This dress simultaniously makes me look like a maid yet makes me incredibly happy. The stretchy cotton satine works so well for this look and perfect with the lace on the bottom.Structured, peplum blazer. After how well the striped blazer worked I decided to do a little twist, add a peplum, shoulder detail and ditch the notches collar. Kinda like an 80′s power jacket!Smoky purple patterned dress with adjustable back. How awesome are all things adjustable!? I love backless dresses but sometimes they can be a little innapropriate or uncomfortable. I’ve added some hook and eyes to the back of the dress so you can adjust the level of …well.. backless-ness.
Reversable lace and chiffon dress with scalloped edge. I’ve always wanted one of these dresses but never found the right fabric. To be honest, white lace that doesn’t look tacky is as elusive as the yeti, which is why I ended up getting thick bone lace because I’d rather go for nana than trashy.
BTW I procrastipainted (procrastinate by painting) 2 Dior looks that I loved. There’s something about Dior that makes it so great to draw.XXASAB

Hawt and cold

November 8, 2010 § 20 Comments

Melbourne weather makes it interesting dressing in the morning, whenever you think “oh, it’s going to be to hot/cold to wear that” it decides prove you wrong. Remember this velvet jacket from a while back? And how I wore it even though I was pretty set on never wearing it unless I altered it ? Well I finally altered it and added a white trim. Now it’s like the weirdest ( aka MOST PERFECT) combination of Blair waldorf and indie/hipster. Jacket: thrifted, velvet ribbon added by me
Skirt: My own design
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Wolford
Watch: Ebay
Bracelet: Ebay
Shoes: Louboutins
Bag: Alexander Wang
The next day, spring was back in full force, pollen and all. A few nights ago I realised I had not worn this sequined top since trying it on!Sequined top: Lovelygirl
Skirt: My own design
Necklace: Mimco
Bag: Alex Wang
Net hair bow: My own design
Chain flats: Lanvin
PS. thanks for all the love on my new designs. And there’ll be more to come!

New designs, oh and you can have some!

November 4, 2010 § 30 Comments

We’re a little over a month away from the Christmas party season and I’m prepared! With these dresses! As you would know, I love lace, of all sorts! We’ve grown up with lace, from the lace on our socks when we were toddlers to the very grown up lace in lingerie.
Teal lace dress with open backBordeaux lace dress with open backPurple, embellished lace and chiffon dress with scoop back. Oh and you can  buy this too! It’s a size 8-10 and the waist is elastic so the waist will fit up to waist 76cm (30inches) The over all length is 85 cms and bust 80-82cms. 
$70 AUD and there’s only 1 of this so hurry!I also altered this dress from a year ago and since it doesn’t get a lot of wear I decided to bring it a little more up to date and add more interest with the drape. I’ve cleaned out my wardrobe a little and since I’m starting to consider really selling my designs, I’m going to need some more moolah to make it happen and so now, the circle begins. I’m going to let go of some of my designs that maybe don’t suit me as well and would be so great in a new home, yours perhaps?
Red circle skirt with black binding. W: 68cms (27′) TL: 50cms (19.5′) $45 AUDRed winter pencil skirt with side peplums. W:68cms (27′) H:95cms (37.5′) TL:48cms(19′) $40AUDBlack peplum skirt with visible zip. W:65cms (26′) H: 88cms(35′) TL: 50cms (19.5′) $25 AUDWhite paint splatter skirt wih contrast zip. W: 70cms (27.5′) TL: 46cms (18′) $25 AUD Beige and navy striped skirt with visible zip (Silk!) W: 71cms (28′) TL: 48cms(19′) $35
Polka Dot tulle skirt with visible zip. W: 70cms (27.5′) TL: 51cms (20′) $30Black spots and stripes skirt. W: 68cms (27′) TL: 47cms (18.5′) $30Blue silk and gingham princess skirt (made it for a dress up, wore it once) W: 71cm(28′) TL:  TL: 48cms(19′) $15Post a comment expressing interest (with your real email), though feel free to comment even if you don’t want one /are male or drop me an email (angelaseeangelablog@hotmail.com) if you’d like one (or  more) of them, I accept PayPal and will ship world wide ($10 express and registered shipping within aus)! Hope you guys were serious about wanting them! I’ll put this all in a page or an etsy in the coming days
Buy buy buy! And support me!

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