My Christmas Gift Guide

December 20, 2010 § 7 Comments

Buying gifts for people are hard, especially when you a) leave it to the last minute b) have too many friends c) come to the sudden realisation that you have no idea where to go d) haven’t received anything this year because you gave such dreadful gifts last year or a combination of some/all of them! Here’s my guide gift giving:
1. Don’t leave it to the last minute
2. Make a list, put people into groups  and give each group or person a budget (I know this is hard but you have to do it!
3. If there are people who gave you presents last year but you didn’t buy anything for them(and didn’t have a back up gift. note 5), PLEASE get something for them
4. Regifting is OK, just make sure they would NEVER find out.
5. Always have backup gifts, small wrapped gifts (chocolates, small cosmetics etc) in your bag for when you might run into people who might give you a present.
6. Ditto for cards too, I know this is going to sounds so horrible but just have a generic term of endearment at the top (I normally do this for last day of school and since I go to an all girls school “dear babe/sweets/darling” works for me)
6. Try and wrap your own presents or at least add your own touch with a bow, sticker ANYTHING! I personally like designing your own gift boxes (I got mine online then added ribbons but you can get them from $2 shops and decorate them)  
7. At least attempt thoughtful gift giving.
For the woman who beared and beared with you (aka your mother): A nice classy, classic bag:
Fendi PeekabooYSL muse
Lady Dior
For the BFFL who has been by your side through thick and thin, bad and good: Something fun and fluttery
Christopher Kane
For the sister who takes your shoes all the time (I don’t have one, I wouldn’t know LOL): A pair of amazing black pumps that you can take ;)
Manolo Blahniks
Christian Louboutins (These  look like you stepped in diamonds and they just exploded all over your shoes)
For your dad who’s just awesome because he’s your dad: Something useful and understated
Burberry scarf
Stephen Webster cufflinks
Or even better a gift card from Repco!
For the cousin who has everything: An OTT, festive headband
VeeChay VeeChay Bijoux Heart For yourself, because you deserve it: A gold dress
Alexander McQueen
Herve Leger
Picture credits: net-a-porter, SAKS, barney’s,, neiman marcus.

“oh, I made this”

December 16, 2010 § 28 Comments

For me, that is my favourite thing to say when discribing my outfit. Filled with pride, telling people that I designed or made something just makes it so much more awesome than saying it’s bought (whether it’s $10000 or $1)! I’ve been slack with outfit posts not because I’ve been walking around in my nudie pants but because I’ve been having problems with my camera SD card and it persists on needing to be formatted, flushing out all its contents. Incredibly annoying and excruciating when I’ve just taken heaps of pictures! Fortunately over the last month I’ve gathered enough for a post.Blouse: Bardot
Skirt: My own design
Jacket: My own design
Bow: My own design
Platforms: Christian Louboutin
Rings and Belt: ASOS
Bangles and watch: Ebay
Bag: Alexander WangBlazer: My own design
Lace dress: Vintage
Scarf(as belt): Vintage
Pumps: RMK
Bag: No idea, from like 5 years ago when I was in year 7
Watch: Casio
Bow Bracelet: My own designDress: My own design
Cardigan: My aunts’s
Belt: Thrifted
Bag: Alexander Wang
Nude wedges: Daphne
Bow: My own design
Cognac earrings: GiftedDress: My own design
Cape My own design
Watch: Ebay
Bangle: Gift
Ring: ASOS
Pumps: Vintage
Belt: Mum’s
Neckalace: Gift
Bag: VintageDress: My own design
Blazer: Found it in my mum’s closet
Ring and bracelet: My own design
Necklace: ASOS
Clutch: Vintage
Mary Janes: Melissa

What a babe : Emma Stone

December 12, 2010 § 17 Comments

Hahah! Remember my last post of similar style it was about Lara Stone? Must be the ‘Stone factor’? I watched Easy A for the first time over the weekend and I was blown away by how epically high on the hilarity scale Emma was! Her portrayal of Olive and the delivery of the lines were just perfection. I’ve had pocket full of sunshine stuck in my head since! Emma’s actually got an ok voice. I remember seeing Emma’s episode of SNL and thinking “ha, she’s funny” but after that she slipped right off my radar (well she came back briefly because I found out she was friends with Taylor Swift).  Then a little googling and IMBDing was done and before you know it, I’ve pretty much seen all the films she’s been in, including Paperman! She’s kind of a mix between Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde, but even better looking! I also fell in love with her style, effortless, simple and breathtakingly age appropriate. Not to mention how fun and relaxed she is in interviews. I wonder who styles her? She definitely has one, she talks about how she’d never know what to wear if it wasn’t for her stylist. She’s friends (apparently) with Ashley Avignone; Rachel Zoe’s new Taylor Jacobson….She is just so natural in interviews.Though, I’m not too fond of her new blonde hair for her role of Gwen in the new Spiderman movie. I’m sure it’s a work in progress since I’m assuming she’s getting it done professionally and not just with some bleach in her laundry…
Picture credits: TFS, Just Jared, Nylon, Zimbio
So if you haven’t seen Easy A yet, you MUST! If not for Emma, for Stanley Tucci’s impeccably hilarious lines.
PS. Sorry to those who got a tad confused when a draft of this post was accidentally published due to ‘slippery-hand-iphone-syndrome’

Structured dressed and draped skirts

December 9, 2010 § 21 Comments

I’ve been busy designing and re-designing for all the fabric I have left over from my hoarding habit. I’ve taken on a bit of a theme of structured, for the dresses and fluid and draped for the skirts.
Gold, u-back dress with bowBlack cotton and cream lace dress with pockets (I wore them in my Hola Mamacita post)50s bikini inspired beach dressNavy chiffon skirt with red drapesPrinted chiffon faux wrap skirt-drum roll- my favourite! Black skirt with printed chiffon drape ( I was inspired by a skirt Emma Stone (who’s my latest obsession)wore, more on that later ;))XXASAB
B the dub, I am never taking photos during a Melbournian thunderstorm ever again, it was havoc on my exposure setting on my camera, one minute it’s bright and I don’t have to use flash, next it’s so dark I need to use flash and turn the lights on (at noon!)

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