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January 26, 2011 § 33 Comments

My apologies for another mash up post. I really… the correct word for is…  CEEBS! I haven’t really had enough time to do really anything since most of my days are filled with holiday homework and researching for my art subjects next year. Sadly even after visiting galleries, flipping though umpteen art history books and vintage magazine I’m still completely lost when it comes to Art while my ideas for Vis Comm are piled mile high (it’s always been like that, I favour Vis Comm/Design over Art because I can never truly let myself go far enough to do exceptionally well in art)! I’ve made some simple looks for going to galleries and running around town in the stifling heat which look good paired with flats. I’ve altered my micro-pleat skirt from this post , adding a bow, and overlapping the front to create a wrap look And a simple princess seam, peter pan collar backless dress. So happy with the way this turned out, this was my first time doing a full princess seam and I was a little worried about the fit, so I added a strip of lace.Let’s welcome these new babes into my wardrobe, nouvelle and preloved, most of it gifted. Some cute red jellies, slightly scuffed baby darling YSL muse 2 m, striped sweater dress, boucle hair bow and PS1 style suede satchel from Zoe! Cream jellies from online and heaps of lace and embroidered trim! Now, onto some outfitsHeart cutout t-shirt: DIY
Skirt: My own design
Bag: AlexWang
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Louboutin
Necklace: ASOS
Bangle Watch and Lizard Bangle: Ebay
Rings: Ebay, Michael Hill, and ASOS
Hair Bow: My own designThis one’s for you Harriet LOL!Photos by G from Passionate Camera ;)
Top: My own design
Skirt: My own design
Headband: My own design
Ring and bangle: Diva
Shoes: Tony BiancoYes, Stripes, on stripes on stripes
Top: Kmart -woh-
Skirt: My own design
Blazer: My own design
Pumps: Jasmin
Bag: Muse 2
Rings: ASOS
OK I need a bit of help, does anyone know the name of this building in south bank? And if it’s a commercial or residential building(Though I’m guessing it’s probably an office block due to the lack of balcony)? I always see it when I’m hanging out near hamer hall and behind NGV, it’s kinda cool how the glass panels are different colours and might do a little research for Vis Comm. XXASAB

Golden Globes and Pre-Fall Shows

January 20, 2011 § 13 Comments

Thanks everyone for the mostly positive response on my latest DIY. Who know’s? I might do some more! I’ve been feeling super slack about blogging lately, I haven’t really collated enough to make a post in any category but I’m eager to do a post so forgive me if this seems a little all over the place. I could have done a ‘show review’ or ‘golden globes’ post but let’s MISH MASH! I’ve finally caught up with all the Pre-Fall shows, I mean it’s ABOUT TIME, Couture season is in a few weeks! I am head over heels in love with Valentino, hello, why was there no Valentino at the Golden Globes?Monique Lhuillier was surprisingly glorious, it had just the right amount of colour and patterns. And finally Jason Wu, again surprised I didn’t see many on the red carpet but Oscars is soon so maybe then? There was some really gorgeous and tactful colour blocking, and very wearable but not at all commercial looking.Also worth mentioning was Oscar de la Renta (good old ODLR is always fantastic) and Erdem for the most divine blue lace dress! I can really see that on Blair Waldorf, are you listening Eric Daman?Moving on, Golden Globes: Nothing was really outstanding but I liked Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde.January Jones has a ripping body so she looks good in everything, whether the fashion tape factory had to shut down in order to supply her with enough tape to hold that dress put is still unclear.  Natalie Portman is pregnant and no one really can diss a pregnant woman so now’s the only time she can wear pink and red together and go her for cashing in on the opportunity! Christina hendricks who usually look fantastic looked like she had a growth coming out of her shoulder. And drum roll for the biggest disappointment of the night: Emma Stone, who you know I just adore to bits but the ILLUSION IS SHATTERED! Look, when you’re wearing coral and it blends in with your skin, there is something majorly wrong with your tan and your hair is lighter. She NEEDED a statement necklace, belt or even a BROOCH for goodness sake to break it all up! However the backless/cut out so that’s a slight plus for me.Who was your favourite? At the pre-fall shows and the Globes?
Picture credits:, Just Jared, TMZ

DIY heart cut out t-shirt

January 15, 2011 § 28 Comments

Plain white T-shirts are awesome, (remember that band, plain white Ts? And that terribly catchy song ‘hey there delilah’?) but decorated ones are even better, adds a personal touch! So after my first DIY, I’ve decided to do another slightly more complicated one. This doesn’t require a sewing machine but it is faster if you do have one, so here goes- You need (all colour combinations are up to you, just make sure you have matching thread):+ Plain white t-shirt (v-necks are ok crew-necks prefered)
+ 1 metre of tulle (SOFT tulle, NOT stiff netting)
+ 30cms of wide lace trim
+ 70 cms of thin lace trim
+ Matching thread
+ Needles and Pins
+ Dress maker’s chalk/marker(Click to Enlarge)
1. Cut off the ribbed neck facing of the T
2. Cut the tulle to 3 pieces measuring 40cms x 35cms, 5cms x 80cms and one just slightly larger than your piece of large lace trim
3. Pin the lace onto the tulle and sew either just the corners or sides
4. Pinch the middle of the fabric and tulle to create a bow and sew(Click to Enlarge)
5. Now if you’ve got a v-neck skip this step, if you have a crew neck, decide now whether you’d like a scoop, V, or asymmetric neckline like mine and cut it, but 1 cm smaller than you’d like it because it will stretch.
6. Turn the t-shirt around and fold it in half, place the 40×30 tulle folded in half and mark the perimeter
7. Draw half a heart shape with chalk
8. Unfold and *carefully* cut half the heart out and NOT go through to the other side, using the piece as a stencil for the opposing side and cut it out so you have a symmetrical heart cut out(Click to Enlarge)
9. Carefully turn out t-shirt inside out (don’t stretch the cut out or it will curl and sewing will be really annoying), lay the tulle on top and pin the perimeter of the heart not the tulle
10. Using either machine or by hand, sew. Again, being careful not to go through to the other side and trim
11. Cut the thin lace and last piece of tulle in half, center the 2 pieces, pin and sew
12. Sew the pieces in the last step to the centre bow in 4. and pin on to the t-shirt. Centre, off centre, at the shoulder, where ever you like basically and sew!
(optional) 13. Cut off the sleeve cuffs/hem and stretch so it rolls back, add any like of trim, lace, tulle you like.
Et voila! Before AfterGo, do this on the weekend!

First Designs of 2011

January 10, 2011 § 25 Comments

I have a problem, I can’t plan an outfit too early, whenever do, my mind wonders and I subconsciously try to out do my last selections and start doubting myself, and before you know it, I’m off sketching and draping. I made 2 dresses before I reached a design I was content with for new years eve(the triple strapped dress), which I made on the morning in stifling heat because I was scared of perspiration stains on the beige dress. That’s me and c’est la vie ;) These are shown in the order in which I made and then outdid for many different reasons. haha!
Black bow neck dress with lace back and drape sleevesBeige cotton sateen dress with cascade peplum, pleated sleeves and bowTriple lace strapped backless dress with button v-neckWith all the skirts I’ve made I’m in serious lack of tops and blouses to go with them so I went for a simple tank style top in light fabrics to cope with the heat of summer.
Paint splattered low back top with ruffled jabot Red crepe top with ruffled jabot Check out this awesome photo I took as a bit of a behind the scenes thing. A pair of loubies for every lookXXASAB
***PS: I made some discounts on the “shop my designs” page so go!! Shop the sale! CLICK HERE!!!***

Did you miss me?

January 5, 2011 § 25 Comments

Hope everyone’s had a great holiday and gah! It’s 2011 already, far out, time flies whether you’re having fun or not! Not really sure if I enjoyed my little mini break from blogging, though not having to worry about taking my pictures at the right time so the lighting is right and if I can wear my shoes for long enough to be able to call it a part of my ‘outfit’? That, I have enjoyed. I’ve had a fabulous holiday season, for Christmas Day we had a beach side picnic, though after boasting to all my northern hemispherian friends that we always a have really hot sunny Christmas and I think I jinxed it, it was overcast and uh… uncharacteristicly cold! Afterwards we went to Arthur’s seat look out and enjoyed some rather foggy views. NYE was a quiet occasion involving mixing sparkling and slushies, fireworks and ping pong. And you might be surprised (or not) to hear I bought nothing on Boxing Day, except for groceries! I’m finally making my way through my stack of books. Using my usual method of 2 real books and one trashy chic lit, I’ve devoured ‘The Help’, ‘Peyton Place’, ‘Roll of thunder hear my cry’, a few art and english language books, ‘Watermelon’ and now I’m gnawing my way through ‘Unsticky’ a really awesome fashion chic lit. But next up I’m breaking my rule and reading my way through all the Tasmina Perry. Anyway! Outfits, pictures and all things that interest you peeps!
ChristmasThe only picture I have with my dad ahah!Dress: My own design
Bag: Alex Wang
Rings: ASOS
Cardigan: Aunt’s
Bow: My own design
New YearsDress: My own design (better pics later, and you’ll get to see the back too)
Shoes: online
Bag: Vintage
Leopard bangle: EbayBlazer: Lovelygirl
Dress (worn as top): My own design
Skirt: My own design
Cut out pumps: Sogui Eli Giorgia
Watch: Ebay
Ring: ASOS
Pearl necklace: My own designCardigan: No brand
T-shirt: Kmart, decorated by me
Skirt: My own design
Belt: Vintage
Silver Shoes: Converse
Rings: Ebay

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