DIY heart cut out t-shirt

January 15, 2011 § 28 Comments

Plain white T-shirts are awesome, (remember that band, plain white Ts? And that terribly catchy song ‘hey there delilah’?) but decorated ones are even better, adds a personal touch! So after my first DIY, I’ve decided to do another slightly more complicated one. This doesn’t require a sewing machine but it is faster if you do have one, so here goes- You need (all colour combinations are up to you, just make sure you have matching thread):+ Plain white t-shirt (v-necks are ok crew-necks prefered)
+ 1 metre of tulle (SOFT tulle, NOT stiff netting)
+ 30cms of wide lace trim
+ 70 cms of thin lace trim
+ Matching thread
+ Needles and Pins
+ Dress maker’s chalk/marker(Click to Enlarge)
1. Cut off the ribbed neck facing of the T
2. Cut the tulle to 3 pieces measuring 40cms x 35cms, 5cms x 80cms and one just slightly larger than your piece of large lace trim
3. Pin the lace onto the tulle and sew either just the corners or sides
4. Pinch the middle of the fabric and tulle to create a bow and sew(Click to Enlarge)
5. Now if you’ve got a v-neck skip this step, if you have a crew neck, decide now whether you’d like a scoop, V, or asymmetric neckline like mine and cut it, but 1 cm smaller than you’d like it because it will stretch.
6. Turn the t-shirt around and fold it in half, place the 40×30 tulle folded in half and mark the perimeter
7. Draw half a heart shape with chalk
8. Unfold and *carefully* cut half the heart out and NOT go through to the other side, using the piece as a stencil for the opposing side and cut it out so you have a symmetrical heart cut out(Click to Enlarge)
9. Carefully turn out t-shirt inside out (don’t stretch the cut out or it will curl and sewing will be really annoying), lay the tulle on top and pin the perimeter of the heart not the tulle
10. Using either machine or by hand, sew. Again, being careful not to go through to the other side and trim
11. Cut the thin lace and last piece of tulle in half, center the 2 pieces, pin and sew
12. Sew the pieces in the last step to the centre bow in 4. and pin on to the t-shirt. Centre, off centre, at the shoulder, where ever you like basically and sew!
(optional) 13. Cut off the sleeve cuffs/hem and stretch so it rolls back, add any like of trim, lace, tulle you like.
Et voila! Before AfterGo, do this on the weekend!

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