Designs, oufits, and some new stuff.

January 26, 2011 § 33 Comments

My apologies for another mash up post. I really… the correct word for is…  CEEBS! I haven’t really had enough time to do really anything since most of my days are filled with holiday homework and researching for my art subjects next year. Sadly even after visiting galleries, flipping though umpteen art history books and vintage magazine I’m still completely lost when it comes to Art while my ideas for Vis Comm are piled mile high (it’s always been like that, I favour Vis Comm/Design over Art because I can never truly let myself go far enough to do exceptionally well in art)! I’ve made some simple looks for going to galleries and running around town in the stifling heat which look good paired with flats. I’ve altered my micro-pleat skirt from this post , adding a bow, and overlapping the front to create a wrap look And a simple princess seam, peter pan collar backless dress. So happy with the way this turned out, this was my first time doing a full princess seam and I was a little worried about the fit, so I added a strip of lace.Let’s welcome these new babes into my wardrobe, nouvelle and preloved, most of it gifted. Some cute red jellies, slightly scuffed baby darling YSL muse 2 m, striped sweater dress, boucle hair bow and PS1 style suede satchel from Zoe! Cream jellies from online and heaps of lace and embroidered trim! Now, onto some outfitsHeart cutout t-shirt: DIY
Skirt: My own design
Bag: AlexWang
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Louboutin
Necklace: ASOS
Bangle Watch and Lizard Bangle: Ebay
Rings: Ebay, Michael Hill, and ASOS
Hair Bow: My own designThis one’s for you Harriet LOL!Photos by G from Passionate Camera ;)
Top: My own design
Skirt: My own design
Headband: My own design
Ring and bangle: Diva
Shoes: Tony BiancoYes, Stripes, on stripes on stripes
Top: Kmart -woh-
Skirt: My own design
Blazer: My own design
Pumps: Jasmin
Bag: Muse 2
Rings: ASOS
OK I need a bit of help, does anyone know the name of this building in south bank? And if it’s a commercial or residential building(Though I’m guessing it’s probably an office block due to the lack of balcony)? I always see it when I’m hanging out near hamer hall and behind NGV, it’s kinda cool how the glass panels are different colours and might do a little research for Vis Comm. XXASAB

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