How do you do? Scarves that is….

February 26, 2011 § 24 Comments

Do you think of them as just a piece of clothing to keep you warm? Or a vital accessory? I LOVE scarves! They are to me what necklaces are for some people. You know, those necklace people? Yeah, you do. Scarves are so handy, they can be worn in your hair, on your neck, wrist, bag, waist basically everywhere! They can add a splash of colour to a boring outfit, fix bad hair days, and if you’re Serena Van  Der Woodsen, they can keep you alive! You know, if you have a compulsive need to always show your legs, no matter how cold or inappropriate, so you wear a scarf to cover your neck (not chest though, goodness forbid no one sees bustage) to compensate!Sequin shouldered top: Lovelygirl
Pleated skirt: My own design
Spotty scarf: Gifted
Key necklace: My own design
Bag: Vintage
Camellia jellies: Ebay
Leopard bangle: EbayStriped jumper/cardigan/sweater(I’m not wearing it backwards to be ‘kewl’ it was actually designed like that: My mum’s
Floral skirt: My own design
Striped scarf: Bargain store
Velvet bow: My own design
Red jellies: Gifted
Leather belt: Thrifted
Bow bracelet: My own design
Armour ring: ASOSHalf peplum dress: My own design
Beige blazer: Lovelygirl
Studded belt: ASOS
Bangles: Ebay and gifted
Pashmina: Gifted
Studded platforms: Christian Louboutin
Have I inspired you to wear scarves more? And if you’re a big scarf person, how do you like to wear them?!
PS. BTW! I turned 17 last week! Wohh, nahhh, I’m not a big birthday person, I hate knowing that soon I’ll be 18 and I’ll be faced with the responsibility of things like a real bank card, being able to drive and being an adult…

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§ 24 Responses to How do you do? Scarves that is….

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