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April 23, 2011 § 24 Comments

With this chillier weather, it’s easy to just ditch the skirts and blouses in favour of warmer, cuddlier gear. But, cooler weather does not mean bringing out your man-sized sweats/trackies and ugg boots, it’s easy be warm and still show you possess feminine flair (unless you’re a dude, in which case, no, you don’t need to go all Marc Jacobs on me, thanks). Tights, gloves, berets and coats are my absolute favourite winter warmers! Cooler weather also means lots of bright makeup - I can finally wear make up to school since for terms 2,3 and 4, year 12s have the wonderful privilege of not having to wear uniform- light dusting of highlighter on your cheeks, some bright eyeliner or a swipe of lipstick that really pops (but please, only one at a time).  I remember ranting about it on twitter (another incentive to follow me)… I don’t think I mentioned this here: ta daaaaaaaa! I finally got some Ferragamos, back in February actually, don’t know why I didn’t post it in my ‘getting ready for winter’ post… Low back Peter Pan dress: My Own Design
Embellished cardigan: Mum’s
Contrasting star tights: ASOS
Quilted bag: Friperie
Patent ballerinas: Salvatore Ferragamos
Rings: Ebay and ASOS
Bangle: Ebay
I actually wore this to my photoshoot for a certain newspaper article -whistles- (I’ll let you know when it’s published), perfect for a typically drizzly Melbournian day. This is a great ‘throw-it-on-out-the-door’ dress, the mimco tangled necklace adds a dash of bling, the swirl pattern on the tights are perfectly fun and of course, the gloves are elegant and warm (I’m totally NOT a mittens kind of girl).Stretch sateen dress with lace detail: My Own Design
Grey and black printed tights: Calvin Klein via ASOS
Mary Janes: Melissa
Camel Coat: Cindy
Necklace: Mimco
Lizard bangle: Ebay

Winter Ready

April 15, 2011 § 23 Comments

Finally feeling the winter chill and I am [one out of 100000] enjoying it! You can’t start winter without a few new coats! I made a ‘winter wish list’, some time in early december, containing the following: Black wool blazer, camel coat, military jacket, a light jacket, a sheer sweater, seamed tights, more bi-coloured tights, new jeans, red snood, brogues or spectator ballerinas and suede booties. I’m half way there! So far I’ve gotten my hands on a Camel Coat, I initially wanted a more formal coat, longer, maybe a ruffle or two but when I saw this blazer coat with military buttons, I thought “two birds, one very nice stone” Black Wool blazer, I love this so much but I decided to experiment with a look that I don’t usually do; shirt and jeans! A light sailor jacketZara sweaterBrogues Suede booties/desert boots. I’d been ‘hating on’ desert boots for so long but I finally caved, when I realised my hopes of finding a good, sturdy heeled, lace up bootie was pretty much imposibleI also added some lovelies that… weren’t on the list: sweet earrings New glasses frames! Needless to say, I am so excited for winter! What have you bought for winter recently? Or summer… If you’re in the northern hemisphere?
Update: I’ve also gotten a military jacket, but I haven’t had time to get a good picture yet, I’ll throw it in an outfit post soon ;)

Imma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans

April 10, 2011 § 8 Comments

Be your teenage dream tonight… Nahhhhh, I’m totally not as babe’n as Katy but any chance to incorporate some Katy goodness into my posts is a great one! As you would all know I’m more of a skirts and dresses girl-only once every blue moon do I even bother looking for jeans to wear. But, when I do, I as any other girl, hate the experience. It’s so hard finding the right colour, fit, and style! Not long ago, I realised my favourite pair of Miss 60 jeans were coming to a sad and natural end to its life and coincidentally I was approached to give the Jeanswest experience ago! Ding Ding Ding, win win win! As some of you might know, Jeanswest in collaboration with Westfield have opened up an online store and I’ve realised choosing jeans isn’t that hard after all. There’s my little guide to getting great jeans:
-Think about your current favourite pair of denims, write down their pros and cons
-Do they fit well? Accent your assets? Flatter your shape? Go well with the rest of your wardrobe?
-If not, what do you think would change that? Another colour? Tighter? More loose? Higher? Lower?
-Girls with skinny ankles and calves should defintely take advantage of cropped jeans and cuffed jeans (but no more than 2 inches above your ankle)
-Muscularcalves aren’t  flattered in jeans with a lot of elasticity[jeggings]
-Infact I’m not a fan of jeggs at all
-If you’re blessed with a flat stomach, go right ahead and rock some low rise/boyfriend jeans (but not ‘flash-a-crack’ low, no one needs to see that, or the elasticated band on your underwear -shudders-)
-Petite girls should avoid wearing flares with flats, only wear them with heels >3.5inches
-For jeans to work for day and night, go for a darker rinse
I personally feel quite affectionately toward skinny jeans, because they are fantastic with both flats and heels, and they don’t make me look even shorter than I already am. I also love a mid-rise, but it’s so hard finding ones that sit exactly right! Not anymore, I found these ‘Liv’ Slim jeans in forever black the perfect fit for me, and guess what? I didn’t even need try them on! I just took some measurements, sort the advice of the Jeanswest (very easy to comprehend) Size Chart. They arrived and fit amazingly They’re so easy to dress up with ruffled top and a blinged out Mimco necklace.Or down, with a t-shirt and blazerSo, go, explore the world of jeans (and other pretty stuff, they also stock other pretty stuff) at Jeanswest.

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