Tweed and teal

December 21, 2011 § 22 Comments

Thinking that finishing exams meant getting to blog more frequently was a big mistake! I have been caught up with reordering my university preferences and work. However I am happy to report all my studying paid of and I’ve received a fantastic ATAR, and 2 study scores(although called scores, are actually ranks) over 40, placing me in the top 9% for English Language (linguistics) and Visual Communications. My school again placed at the top of the state with the highest percentage of study scores over 40! Unfortunately even after all that + the pre-selections and interviews I didn’t receive an early offer at my number one preference so now I face the great conundrum of typical students at my school: Monash vs Melbourne University. For me, its Interior Architecture vs Commerce… Don’t fret- I haven’t given up on fashion, I never will, designing will be my goal no matter what course I pursue.Lace trimmed tee: My own design Cropped tweed jacket: My own design Velvet skirt: My own design Teal tights: Online Studded bag: Alexander Wang CocoBamnoo bangle: eBay Pumps: Louboutins Ring: ASOS

Prefall 2012, Sketched

December 11, 2011 § 13 Comments

I know it’s been so long since I last posted my sketches, I guess I just don’t feel as comfortable sharing them as I use to. I thought of a way to show less personal sketches and talk about the prefall collections; by sketching my favourites!
Oscar De La RentaDonna KaranCarolina HerreraZac PosenJason WuWhat were your favourites this season?

TOPSHOP launch

December 8, 2011 § 21 Comments

Last night after my last Uni interview and some dinner at beloved Mamasitas, I attended the launch of TOPSHOP and TOPMAN Melbourne. My guest (Lisa) and I perused the collections with canapes and cocktails a-flowing (which made all the shiny sequins, glitter and colours POP even more-not that they needed it)! Weaving in between the gorgeous crowd, turning a corner to bump into Kimbra, then Alice Burdeu was certainly one of the highlights. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for long but I managed to squeeze a quick hello to Lady Melbourne, Fashion Hayley and finally (!) met Esme&theLaneway who is every bit as glamorous in real life as on her blog. On to the clothes:
Shiny! SHINY!How adorable are these slippers?!Loved this bodysuit, if only it came in black!Suede and studsThe band that got us in, and “on the list” hahaInkblot dress: My own design Satin pumps: La femme de Moment Bag: Styleholic Jewels: My own design, ASOS and eBay
What a co-incidence, flipped to the first page of the MX to see this on my way home! So glad I wouldn’t have to wait until today and line up (ZARA style) to see the looks.If you can brave the crowds, I would most definitely recommend you whisk yourself to Chapel St and check it out for yourself.
500 Chapel St, South Yarra

New Designs: Colour!

December 3, 2011 § 19 Comments

Wow, summer is well and truly upon us in Melbourne. As some of you might know; me and warm weather do not get along, I usually spend most of my summer “hibernating” in a way to avoid the heat and the sun, only venturing outside to forage for food… I MEAN FABRIC, forage for fabric.(I’m saying all of this in my head in David Attenborough’s voice, as you can tell by my slip of ‘forage’ I just finished watching Life of Mammals and am subconsciously commentating everything in his voice). Up until quite recently my wardrobe was dominated by black, grey and the odd splash of red but my recent fabric haul has seen a re-emergence of colour which has not been there since I was a toddler. Red and navy cotton skirt with pocketsPurple chiffon skirt with side slitTangerine blouse with peter pan collar and Palatinate body con skirt with drapeTeal chiffon dress with bowPowder blue and palatinate dressBlack and white dress with mustard drapeI still couldn’t help myself, my mum bought this beautiful double sided grey gingham and I desperately wanted to make something “Peggy Olsen” with it. V-collar blouse with pleated pencil skirtXXASAB
PS. Guess who’s hitting our shores? TOPSHOP!

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