Blue, Squared

July 4, 2012 § 20 Comments

I was chatting with a friend about returning to the idea of ‘themed dressing’ to make outfit choosing a little easier every morning (LOL JK I struggle to sleep if I don’t have an outfit planned every night, even on days off). Is it ‘sartorial cheating’ to go with a colour scheme? I say- nay. All and well to delve into your knowledge about colour theory and do some technical colour blocking but I just went with blue.Shirt: School uniform from Bob Stewart//Cardigan (worn as sweater):Cocolatte//Skirt: My own design//Necklace: Gift//Rings: Ebay//Black necklace: My own design//Watch: Ebay//Suede pumps: Jo Mercer//Jacket: Lovelygirl//Ipad case (as clutch): Typo
I’m such a bad blogger when it comes to awards and tags but thanks to ExCurly and Akifor the tags. I’m going to attempt to answer some of the Qs:
1. Who is your favorite superhero? Why? Spiderman, because of Andrew Garfield, who is a babe and a half
2. What is your favorite magazine? I haven’t bought a magazine in so long but if I could I would buy every single Vogue Paris Collections
3. Have you ever lived abroad? Well… Technically Australia is “abroad” for me
4. If you could only wear one accessory (bracelet, earring, necklace, etc) for the rest of your life, what would you wear? Is this question trying to trick me to NOT say shoes? I’m going to go with shoes
5.  Do you own any animals? No
6. How do you know when it’s true love? Pass
7. As for perfume… floral, fruity, foodie, other? Chypre, fruity top note, floral mid, mossy undertones oOOOooo yeahhh
8. Do you have a favorite store to shop at for clothes? I don’t buy clothes often but Clegs, for fabrics.
9. What blogging habit gets on your nerves? People who only post other people’s pictures with no words…
10. What type of music do you like listening to? Any favorite artists or songs? I listen to pretty much everything but right now I’m really enjoying Anthem Lights and Karmin.
11. Are you satisfied with your job? At this stage, yes, very.

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