My Sartorial Life Through Instagram

September 25, 2012 § 7 Comments

Instagram is the stuff of wonders, but my admitted addiction has cause me to forget the importance of posting here! I must say, I use to be quite elitist about Instagrams and ‘mirror selfies’ but my friends have converted me and I really must say it is a lot of fun and a whole lot easier than hauling my Nikon out, setting it up and doing my outfit posts every morning (especially in winter when I’d hardly be able to get any good lighting before or after work) and the filters are pretty forgiving when it comes to lighting and focus. So here’s just a glimpse of my sartorial life through Instagram:
A bit of outfit planning
Cherry Red lipstick to brighten up a B&W day(Bamboo skirt by me)
Adorable new sweater and jewelry printed skirt by meEnjoying the first peek of spring sunshine and loving mum’s Equipment blouse (she’s not loving that I’m rolling around the lawn in it)New Buys!

LOVELY to be back, miss you all so much
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