About Me

I’m Angela, I’m 18, Nanjing born and Melbourne bred girl. Proud MacRob graduate, on my gap year currently trying to figure out where I want to take my next step. I taught myself how to sew, construct garments, and with the help of some books; make patterns. I make a large majority of the clothes and accessories I wear.This blog is for my musing, review collections,  event coverage, showing you my latest creations, sketches and designs, and posting my daily outfits!

Tweet: http://twitter.com/Angelayang

IG: http://instagram.com/angelayang_

For media, sponsorship and other enquiries I can be contacted at angelaseeangelablog@hotmail.com


§ 31 Responses to About Me

  • 1-2BuckleMyShoe says:

    Hellooooooo Angela! Sorry for not being in contact earlier. Been busy with the family and staying away from THAT blog after the mad cow came back and ruined all my fun. I did catch up on everything just then, and noticed they’re having a bit of a go at you. Angela, they are bitches, ALL of them, Please honey, do yourself a big favour, you don’t need their VENOM in your life. You seem to me to be a very intelligent young lady, but why mix with these AIR-HEADS on the DUMB FOUR INCH HEELS BLOG. You can do better than that. C’mon. Be strong. Walk away and hold your head up high, and tell everyone, THAT blog is rubbish and it died an UGLY death, like so many people have already realised. It really isn’t rocking along is it? Nobody is talking? It’s like a ghost town? And who is pretending to be you? It’s scary. I can assure you it’s not me – I wouldn’t do that. Not to you anyway. I pretended to be “anon” one day when I said “I Luuurve 1-2 BuckleMyShoe”, but it was obvious I was joking.

    Anyway, Please, please, please, go blog on Hilton Perez or something in the USA, or go to another blog, or better still, get YOUR own blog out there in the papers. You have so much ahead of you, and visiting that dumb blog is just not worth it.

    That old bag mad hag or whatever her name is, has had her 15 minutes of fame – she is a nobody – she is gutless because she won’t show her face. She talks about people and doesn’t have the guts to turn around and show herself. How SAD is that!

    Anyway, better run, and I’ll be in touch soon sweet … take care, and keep shrugging … please think about what I said and walk away from that trashy rubbish of a blog, I have renamed it FOUR INCH RUSTY NAILS, bwahahahahaha

    Go Angela Tang, fashion designer extraordinaire!!!!!


  • 1-2BuckleMyShoe says:

    sorry i put this under About Me, I’m not very good at this blogging thing …..

  • Jayson says:

    ^^ What’s going on? I am so confused…

  • angelaseesangelablogs says:

    nothing you would / should know about jay. Don’t worry.

  • angelaseesangelablogs says:

    BTW 1-2-BuckleMyShoe. It’s Angela Yang not Tang


  • 1-2BuckleMyShoe says:

    haha, I said Tang, put that one down to those ancient pre-historic dinosaur eyes of mine Ange, sorry xx (I don’t mind if you delete that comment above, it’s probably confusing all your friends, and besides, I dumped it under “About Me”, what a dunce …)

  • My blog is one which depicts daily fashion news and shop style. It is not a personal blog like yours. I am a fashion journalist who has experienced enough of the fashion industry to know what I am doing. Going to fashion week, meeting with entrepreneurs, designers and photographers is what I do and daily news is what I update for others to see. It is more of a website than an actual blog. Have you never seen New York magazine? I would call it a more reliable source than of this. Nice work. x

  • Hey Angela!
    I love your blog and sense of style. We should be pals. Come check out my blog sometime, even though I am still in the process of developing it. I need feedback. It is pretty much a random blog about random things, but still, come and comment.

  • Bianca says:

    “one of those people who have no life therefore does sometime artistic”

    UH… What?
    People who are artistic don’t necessarily have “no life”
    It means they have NATURAL TALENT and would rather spend their time on what they love… rather than a mediocre education that wont help them achieve what they want to achieve in life..

  • Angela Sees Angela Blogs says:

    I’ll tell you on MSN.

    I lack in the NATURAL TALENT department anyway

  • girl :) says:

    yay for angela.

    i hope you go very very very far.

    i absolutely adore your clothes.

    i always see you on casual clothes days (ahem… am totally not a stalker xD) and think wow she looks fabulous.

    but yeah anyway good to see a chick aiming for something other than doctor/lawyer too.

    wishing you best of luck.


    your blog on gossip girl going to channel 9 – totally agree
    damn those bogans.

  • a dreamer says:

    “one of those people who have no life therefore does sometime artistic”…thats the mentality of my asian parents. Not what I think though…

  • Angela Sees Angela Blogs says:

    Yep, definitely a asian parents thing! HAHA!

  • I love your site. Keep it up !

  • Irene says:

    nice blog ~ this is really random but i think i saw u like yesterday outside flinders =P aha keep up the good work!

  • another girl :) says:

    i came across your blog a couple of weeks ago via google (can\’t remember what i was searching) and was amazed to find that you went to the same school as me! i\’m a bit older than you though :)
    i visit your blog frequently now, i love your designs! and i have seen you a couple of times around school, the white glasses at school definitely caught my attention after seeing this blog.
    anyways, keep up the great work and i\’ll keep a look out for you on casual days to see what creative pieces you\’ve teamed together!

  • Angela See Angela Blog says:

    @irene Well next time you see me, say hi. I promise I won’t bite

  • Angela See Angela Blog says:

    @another girl :) Why don’t you say hi in the corridors sometime?

  • genevie says:

    i can say ditto to 90% of your ‘about me’ except for the name part and the age (i’m 16). and i read in the comments that you go to macrob. i go to a “prestigious, single sex, selective school” in sydney haha.
    cool site :)

  • Trish says:

    You are 15! That makes me feel very old. But I love your sense of style and your drivenness. :)

  • Mizz Sharon says:

    Dropping by for the very first time.
    Like the outfits and the quirkiness.
    Keep it up! Will tune in again soon =)

  • Monica says:


    First time visitor here (linked from girlwithasatchel)- and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog!

    You truly have a gift for putting outfits together- and are a great writer to boot! (mmm boots…).

    I also have a fashion blog which follows the same line as yours- shots of what I’m wearing- and the occasional post on an editorial. I’d love for you to check it out- as I think we have quite the same style philosophy!

    Anyway, keep up the fantastic blog! I will be following it religiously for sure!

  • Gaetano. says:

    Quick question, what is your view on fur?

  • ♥Royal It Girl♥ says:

    Your blog is tres ah-dorable!
    inspired me to start my own :)

  • Whitney Kripke says:

    Great blog, love your content and layout

  • paige says:

    dropping for the first time. . .Thanks for your comment! great blog really. I enjoyed my stay here and Hoping to learn more from you=)

  • Wow! How talented are you! Great blog. (:

  • hey Angela,

    awesome blog, very impressed.
    we run a fabric store in Brunswick called Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants (www.rathdownefabrics.com.au) and are the exclusive supplier to Project Runway Australia. I would love to meet you and see if we could do anything together!

    hope to hear from you soon!
    dean sunshine

  • Kaiwin says:

    Wow! At last I found a Melbourne fashion designer who blogs!! I’ll just try contacting you by email :)

  • Kaiwin says:

    oooh, just in case you’re looking, my new blog is here: http://kaiwin.wordpress.com/

    Not sure why my previous comment links my old blog!

  • enterrement says:

    Très bon ton blog, j’adore tes choix.


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