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February 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

As much as I loved blogging I’m going to bid adieu. I offer my most sincere thank you to the sponsors, friends, readers most of all. I am so thankful for everything that has happened to me because of this little blog (being in TheAge, various other publications, meeting the most amazing, inspirational bloggers some of whom I am able to call friends now). Who knows maybe I’ll turn up somewhere else…. In the meantime there’s Instagram (@angelayang_) and Twitter (@angelayang)

New designs: 2 pieces

July 23, 2012 § 15 Comments

Loving a co-ordinated 2 piece… or a mismatched one!
Acid splash print cut out tank and matching skirtBlue and white striped peplum top with matching skirtRed and white striped peplum top with matching skirtXXASAB

Midnight turquoise

February 12, 2012 § 20 Comments

Birthday week/fortnight! Expect lots of new acquisitions/items labeled ‘gift’ or a hiatus, but I’m hoping it’s the former rather than the latter.

My new ASUS zenbook so far is probably the most exciting present so far, I’m pretty excited to be typing this from my new laptop! It’s a mac-a-like, because -cue the gasps- I’m a PC person. I tried, I did for most of my school stuff last year I used a Mac but when it really comes down to it, familiarity won.  “Shun the non believer, shun!” I can already hear you, but we can work through this…

Cape: My own design Star blouse: Bardot Skirt: My own design Quilted bag: Online Shoes: Louboutin Necklace as headband: Vintage Key necklace: Gifted Leopard bangle: eBay Rings: ASOS, eBay, my own design Sunglasses (finally, prescription sunglasses!): Gifted
Find fabulous cheap sunglasses here!

Prefall 2012, Sketched

December 11, 2011 § 13 Comments

I know it’s been so long since I last posted my sketches, I guess I just don’t feel as comfortable sharing them as I use to. I thought of a way to show less personal sketches and talk about the prefall collections; by sketching my favourites!
Oscar De La RentaDonna KaranCarolina HerreraZac PosenJason WuWhat were your favourites this season?

New Designs: Colour!

December 3, 2011 § 19 Comments

Wow, summer is well and truly upon us in Melbourne. As some of you might know; me and warm weather do not get along, I usually spend most of my summer “hibernating” in a way to avoid the heat and the sun, only venturing outside to forage for food… I MEAN FABRIC, forage for fabric.(I’m saying all of this in my head in David Attenborough’s voice, as you can tell by my slip of ‘forage’ I just finished watching Life of Mammals and am subconsciously commentating everything in his voice). Up until quite recently my wardrobe was dominated by black, grey and the odd splash of red but my recent fabric haul has seen a re-emergence of colour which has not been there since I was a toddler. Red and navy cotton skirt with pocketsPurple chiffon skirt with side slitTangerine blouse with peter pan collar and Palatinate body con skirt with drapeTeal chiffon dress with bowPowder blue and palatinate dressBlack and white dress with mustard drapeI still couldn’t help myself, my mum bought this beautiful double sided grey gingham and I desperately wanted to make something “Peggy Olsen” with it. V-collar blouse with pleated pencil skirtXXASAB
PS. Guess who’s hitting our shores? TOPSHOP!

Pocketto Launch and some outfits

September 3, 2011 § 6 Comments

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Pocketto mag-the actual hard cover, IN YOUR HANDS version at No Vacancy, it was lovely to see Emma and Amie again (I helped out with a shoot a while ago) and it was a great chance to support another young’n :). Emma’s the same age as me (I think) and it’s so great to see how far she’s come ever since meeting her at a blog meet up wayyyy back. It was a great evening- getting to flip through the mag, while having  a cider and listening to the fantastic music (seriously, kudos to whomever made the playlist-it was really hard not to refrain from dancing to the XX). I brought along some friends(well, mutual friends of Emma and I) We had some time to blow between school and the launch so we headed up to Harvey Norman where I gazed longingly at the bedside table/tallboy set I’ve been after for ages. Lovely to bump into Lady Melbourne again and finally met Matt from Style Tyrant (really should’ve gotten a picture) also caught up with Julie Ta from milk carton designs.I wore my new inkblot print skirt which I made the night before (I was just so in love with the print, I just HAD to make it to wear it that night)Skirt:My own design
Blouse: My own design
Necklace+Ring: ASOS
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes:  Sogui Eli GiorgiaLast thursday as a joke I assigned my whole art class a colour theme to dress to so when we sat down for our class we would form a rainbow (being true art kids we are!), to surprise our teacher. To our dismay, our teacher didn’t get it-we had to purposefully line up in a row for the effect to be fully appreciated (and we also forgot to take a picture!). I was teal Merino and chiffon cardigan: Borrowed
Lace back  T: Lovelygirl
Tiered skirt: My own design
Socks: School socks
Jellies: iOffer
Scarf: GiftedSaturday I went for more of a casual look, pretty out of the ordinary for me Button back jumper: Mum’s
Peterpan collar shirt: Eeni Mini
Black jeans: Jeanswest
Mary Janes: Melissa
Ring+brooch: eBay
How adorable is my tiger brooch?! I bought heaps of jewelry in the past fortnight, mostly animal themed as you can tell ;)


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