Prim and proper

May 14, 2012 § 15 Comments

Took me quite a while but I’ve finally embraced the shirt and sweater lookSweater: Online//Shirt: Teeny Weeny//Skirt: My Own Design//Necklace: Gifted//Brooch: eBay//Bangle: Gifted//Double wrap watch: Swatch//Cape: My Own Design//Tights: Calvin Klein//Pumps: Melissa//


February 17, 2012 § 19 Comments

A year ago, I would probably not have touched a maxi skirt with a 10 ft pole but here I am now. I have to say- my taste has shifted. Cotton top: Cotton on, Grey skirt: My Own Design, Tote: Longchamp, Leaves necklace: Online, Watch: ICE, Jellies: China, Jewelry: Online, Sailor Jacket: Online
Look at my accumulation of jewellery!Here’s something that most designers and artist alike covet… A FULL SET OF MARKERS -drool- I HAS THEM NOW MWAHAHAHAHHAHAA!XXASAB

Designs and garments for SALE!

February 4, 2012 § 16 Comments

Finally I’ve had some time to update my selling pages for my own designs as well as some of my preloved clothing. Check the pages out! My Design: Bow pocket gold speck skirt  Size 10(waist 28″) $30

Blush tulle maxi skirt with slit Size 10-12(slip not included) $2o

Satin and cotton bow top blouse Size 10 $15

Blue ribbed cotton and interlock dress Size 6 $30

Navy crushed velvet dress Size 10-12 $30

Striped skirt with pocketsSize8-10(waist 27″)$25

Silver jacquard skirt Size 8(waist 26″) $20

Purple skirt with lace trim Size 8-10(waist 27″) $20

Vintage inspired green dress with back cutout Size 10 $30
Also some which aren’t my design: Black jersey and sequin mini dress
Size 8, worn once has a gorgeous scooped, draped back and padded shoulders$35
White crepe dress with metal belt detail
Size 8, worn once great vintage, 60s look about it, amazing fit too! $30

If you’re interested in any of these, click on the links to your left <—– and see the terms and conditions as well as some more designs for sale! BUY BUY BUY!!

Bag makeover and a not-so-spring outfit

October 20, 2010 § 18 Comments

So the mercury sunk to a rather miserable 15 degrees earlier in the week and it normally would be fine if I didn’t have have to wear my summer uniform! Though it did give me a chance to try out a new oufit idea and this shrunken sweater. This was actually my mum’s really old sweater that shrunk in the wash, it’s just perfect for this slightly 50′s/ 60′s outfit. Despite it been short enough not to be tucked into my skirt, I still tucked the ribbing in just because it looked a litte awkward with the bow on the skirt.Sweater: Mum’s
Skirt: My own design
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: BonBon
Bag: Alexander Wang
Pearls: Vintage
Scarf: Bargain store
Gloves: Ports 1961
Lace bow: My own design
I’ve always wanted to do one of those ‘what’s in your handbag’ posts but since I use my school bag 5/7 days a week the list would have been long and boring (last week’s sandwich anybody?), thanks to Borne Naked bag liners I finally have the perfect excuse! When this lovely pink tissue paper stuffed package arrived I was just couldn’t wait to participate in their handbag make over challange.I change my bags a lot, everyday sometimes on weekends to make up for my school bag and sometimes it can be quite the mess.I usually carry around my wallet, phone, itouch, USB, keys, a small visual diary, stationary of some sort, hand cream, mints/candy, lipgloss and or lip tint, hand sanitiser, mirror, Dior compact, and my emergency kit of medical and girl stuff. As you can imagine it takes quite a to switch bags but not with this bag liner! Not only does it make my weekend mornings easier, it also protects the suede inside of my Bayswater from spills.And I can squash a mag in too!Thanks Borne Naked !
I don’t do music mondays or whatever but I love this song! So uh.. Mid-week music sharing? Right now besides this song below, I’m also loving Joy Formidable, New Young Pony Club and sadly been caught dancing to Miley Cyrus’ Who Owns My Heart, yes, sorry world.
Crave you by Flight Facilities ft Giselle
 What about you? What new(or old) music are you loving this week?

Short and sweet

October 3, 2010 § 10 Comments

It’s the last day of the holidays and I finally got my overlocker back which means I was able to finish the last of my holiday projects! I bought this adorable romper but it was too big for my liking so I altered it, added some pleats et voila! It’s actually meant to be for sleeping in but dressed it up in a crisp blazer, quilted bag and some booties made it worthy of going out in. Now this dress- I’ve wanted to make this for so long, it has been in my sketch books for about 2 years but I just didn’t really have the right fabric or enough patience and sewing skills. Remember that mint fabric? Well, that was totally the perfect fabric.Back, the bow in the back keeps the straps from falling down.With the left over fabric I made a little tunic top for sleeping in, sort of making up for the romper! XXASAB
PS. I did the dress a colour a day thing for 4 days! Interesting outfit post ensues!


April 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

Oh how I love this weather! The mercury is hovering between 19-21 (degrees celsius), the sun occasionally playing peek-a-boo and there’s just enough wind to give you runway hair and make your skirt flutter. When I was dressing this morning I knew I wanted a nice dramatic look either monotone or colour block. Well actually, I just had to choose between my new bi-colour tights or raspberry tights and build a look around it. I eventually settled on bi-colour!

T-shirt dress: Weekender

Necklace (sorta hidden): Funqi

Cape: My own design

Tights: Ambra

Shoes:  Sogui eli giorgia

Headband veil: My own design

Bag: My mum’s

Bangle: Ebay


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