My Christmas Gift Guide

December 20, 2010 § 7 Comments

Buying gifts for people are hard, especially when you a) leave it to the last minute b) have too many friends c) come to the sudden realisation that you have no idea where to go d) haven’t received anything this year because you gave such dreadful gifts last year or a combination of some/all of them! Here’s my guide gift giving:
1. Don’t leave it to the last minute
2. Make a list, put people into groups  and give each group or person a budget (I know this is hard but you have to do it!
3. If there are people who gave you presents last year but you didn’t buy anything for them(and didn’t have a back up gift. note 5), PLEASE get something for them
4. Regifting is OK, just make sure they would NEVER find out.
5. Always have backup gifts, small wrapped gifts (chocolates, small cosmetics etc) in your bag for when you might run into people who might give you a present.
6. Ditto for cards too, I know this is going to sounds so horrible but just have a generic term of endearment at the top (I normally do this for last day of school and since I go to an all girls school “dear babe/sweets/darling” works for me)
6. Try and wrap your own presents or at least add your own touch with a bow, sticker ANYTHING! I personally like designing your own gift boxes (I got mine online then added ribbons but you can get them from $2 shops and decorate them)  
7. At least attempt thoughtful gift giving.
For the woman who beared and beared with you (aka your mother): A nice classy, classic bag:
Fendi PeekabooYSL muse
Lady Dior
For the BFFL who has been by your side through thick and thin, bad and good: Something fun and fluttery
Christopher Kane
For the sister who takes your shoes all the time (I don’t have one, I wouldn’t know LOL): A pair of amazing black pumps that you can take ;)
Manolo Blahniks
Christian Louboutins (These  look like you stepped in diamonds and they just exploded all over your shoes)
For your dad who’s just awesome because he’s your dad: Something useful and understated
Burberry scarf
Stephen Webster cufflinks
Or even better a gift card from Repco!
For the cousin who has everything: An OTT, festive headband
VeeChay VeeChay Bijoux Heart For yourself, because you deserve it: A gold dress
Alexander McQueen
Herve Leger
Picture credits: net-a-porter, SAKS, barney’s,, neiman marcus.


September 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’ve always been a massive fan of Herve Leger(which Max Azria also designs for) and this season Max has brought a little bit of Herve into BCBG. I use to think of BCBG as an average, ‘young hollywood’, ‘defusion’ brand. The bandage dresses and interesting prints in this collection changed my mind, well, I still think it’s very ‘young hollywood’ but maybe not so average. I’d discribe it as a brighter, less grungy version of Alexander Wang’s last collection.

00220m 00200m

00180m 00160m

00090m 00080m

00270m 00250m

00230m 00300m


November ‘I want list’

October 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

Oh yes, it’s that time again; dream time.

1.       Sergio Rossi metal embellished sandals. I love these, they are the step after strappy sandals and before gladiators (ew), aka the perfect balance. Isn’t the metal detail to die for? I think they’re made for self obsessed people who are always trying to find a reflective surface to look at themselves.



2.       Calvin Klein bra and hipsters.  A girl cannot ever have enough shoes or underwear. This set is adoorrwwaaable (adorable)! The purple color is sweet and summery and I love lace!


3.       Copic markers 72 set B. I am going through a phase most artists/illustrators and designers go through, the ‘marker phase’.  I was told I had to buy them for my up and coming fashion illustration class so I decided to try them in Vis Com class and they are fabulous!

4.       Dior duchess coat. I loved this collection but this jacket seems so regal and glamorous. The beading and colour gives that extra Dior-ness about it.

5.       Dior tie front belted dress. This, I discovered while late night browsing on Neiman Marcus. It is the perfect 40’s style dress, though I’m not favoring the colour, the style, simplicity and length is just perfect.

6.       Navy Escada convertible hobo bag. This is simple and classic, the color isn’t to plain and the style is fun and functional. I need a bag like this (convertible), so, if you see something like this for  a lower price, give me a buzz.

7.       Herve Leger bondage dress. I feel in love with this at the show and wooohoooo it’s on net-a-porter. My favourite feature of this dress is the illusion it gives (the dark band on the waist).

8.       Miu Miu cut out dress. From afar this just looks like a fairly colorful shift dress but actually, the green bits are cut out!

9.       Oscar De La Renta dress. I couldn’t decide between this or the on above. They both have the summery green colors and are contrasted. This one seems a bit more ‘me’. What do you think?

10.   Valentino blouse. I also found this while late night browsing on Neiman Marcus. This blouse is perfect for all my skirts!

11.   Giorgio Armani beaded peeptoe pumps. These are perfect for any occasion, whether a formal event worn with a gown or a casual soiree with tights. Hmmmmm…

A girl can dream huh?


The s/s09 (NYC) accidents

September 14, 2008 § 4 Comments

Oh! Ah! OUCH! Trips, slips, stumbles and of course ‘nip slip’! Goodness knows we all love them! Here’s what happened:

Academy of Art Presentation:

Something seriously wrong with those shoes I guess!


Oh snap! Seriously, SNAP, someone broke a heel at Doo.ri

Carlos Miele

Ohh I love gifs, that poor man tripped on a models gown

Jill Stuart

Now that is one hardcore nip slip


Hmm… not too bad but still, a stumble is a stumble

Herve Leger


Nip slip



Oh Anja, that dress looks twisted… oh and yeah, the nip slip



Abbey lee, poor abbey lee, this is one of 3 trips.



We love PETA! Yeah! umm no. Gosh but we do love the annoying protesters (look at Kim Noorda, her face is so full of shock)

Rosa Cha


Naww Vlada! A nip slip, well she’s no strager to nip slips, yeah you Vlada fans would know what I’m talking about.

Patrik Rzepski 


She trips then takes off her shoes, no big deal but still worth it

Rubin Singer



Peter Som


(look behind the obvious)

Hahahahahahahahhh! Those who know me well know I hate Chanel Iman, I was so happy when I saw this. Yeah take that Chanel! She had a bit of a stack.

go to 1:20 and SMACKKKKKKK!

Chanel on stumbling (yes… of course no one saw you stack it)




In case you missed it, Abbey Lee falls on her toosh at 0:09 it’s not noticable but you can see it. It must have been bad because she didn’t walk the finale.


The Video say it all. Priceless! Sasha looked so bitch and Jourdan kicks Karlie’s numerous times.

Zac Posen

-gasps- that!! It couldn’t be! OH NO! It’s flawless walker Natasha Poly! Not a stumble since the air heel incedent at VSFS 2005! AHAHAH But I don’t know what’s worse the dress or the trip? Sexy recovery though.

Hope you had a laugh


Credits to á la Balenciaga, fashion_girl22, fashion power on tFS and


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