Bordeaux Lace Skirt

August 22, 2010 § 9 Comments

I was in love with Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring summer 10 collection, the underwear as outerwear, lace and net combination sent me into a frenzy.


After extensive searching, I’m still looking for a perfect underwear as outerwear body suit but I have found a perfect lace skirt! Well to be more precise, in true Angela fashion, I made it!.

It’s the piece I’ve made since my LBD! I’ve been stuck under the avalanche of homework and because of setting and packing up time involved in sewing it’s not something I can do everyday anymore. I was so excited, I decided to wear it today!

With a cashmere cardigan, simple tee, Mimco necklace, Lanvin chain flats, Alex Wang Coco, simple watch and ring!

Get ready for next weekend folks, because I’m having a wardrobe cleanout! I’m not sure whether to just do it all on ebay or just use my blog. What do you think? Also! I might be doing a little tweaking and ASAB might go under the knife for a facelift or some botox, a brighter, more simple layout could do both you (as readers) and me some good.


PS. Why yes, I did get a haircut!  2.5 inches off and it’s also been thinned out, such a relief! It actually use to hurt my neck when wet it in the shower, that’s how insanely thick my hair was! But I also sort of miss it, just a tad ;)

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