Again and again

April 2, 2010 § 6 Comments

I’ve been taught once you find something amazing, never let it go. I’ve turned it into ‘once you find a look that works, keep wearing it’. My black blazer and AW have been the latest victim, I’ve worn them 5 times in the past fortnight. I just can’t seem top let go! Both are so easy to wear and transforms an outfit entirely when worn.

2 days ago at the RBG with opaques, silver skirt of my design, a lace top, comfy flats and bright Zara scarf.

Yesterday, shopping and chilling out at St.Kilda paired with dress (worn as top) and skirt of my design, perspex wedges and glizy bracelet.

Oh and this is apparently a very ‘cinematic and dramatic’ photo of me, looking all sad and sappy because I didn’t get to spend an outrageous amount on money on materialistic things that even back at ASAB HQ wanted me to put up… Actually usually I’d just say “no eff off” (Yeah I am feeling a little bitter today) but my hair looks so good there! And that’s sans any hair treatments! I’ve run out of all the good stuff (Redkens/Karestaste) and only have gluggy James Brown and gross smelling Schwarzkopf left.

Speaking of materialistic, how gorgeous are these Swarovski stone goodies from VinaVina? Ever since I found out my birth stone was amethyst I’ve been going nuts for purple jewellery.

No these aren’t Swarovski branded but I love them none the less.

Happy easter my little bunnies, I’m off to drown my feelings in tea, tim tams and mocha hot cross buns)


Catch ups and fess ups

March 27, 2010 § 12 Comments

Keeping it nice and short today since I’m trying to juggle just a little too much today. Yesterday I meet up with Porcelain Blonde for a quick snack at Laurent. She is one extraordinary gal! We had such a lovely time, it didn’t take long for us to fall off the stools laughing.

Cashmere cardi, Alexander Wang coco, Big W flats (hahah), Lizard bracelet from ebay + I made the headband, dress and earrings.

I’ve been living in flats for the last couple of days because I confess! I have sustained a gross looking, fashion related injury. My flourecent jellies gave me a hell of a blister which grew OVER a healing cut over a VERY awkward spot on the arch of my foot making it impossible to walk let alone wear heels for the last couple of  days. Only today did I dare to slip on some comfy mary janes but it didn’t last long since soon after I took the photos I was dying to slip them off.

Bardot blouse from back in the days, skirt of my own design, Shabanina shoes, jewelery are all gifts or from ebay, unknown belt….

Bon Weekend!


I love…

February 6, 2010 § 11 Comments

Alexia Admor. A few weeks ago I heard about Alexia Admor and voila! I got myself a gorgeous dress! All the way from NYC!

Isn’t it adorable? And it has pockets, anything with pockets is a +! Thanks everyone at Alexia Admor! I suggest you give their store a little browse


Taupe blazer: Lovelygirl

White T-shirt: Weekend

Floral skirt: My own design

Quilted lambskin bag: Vintage

Perspex wedges: China

Bold watch: Gift


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