How do you do? Scarves that is….

February 26, 2011 § 24 Comments

Do you think of them as just a piece of clothing to keep you warm? Or a vital accessory? I LOVE scarves! They are to me what necklaces are for some people. You know, those necklace people? Yeah, you do. Scarves are so handy, they can be worn in your hair, on your neck, wrist, bag, waist basically everywhere! They can add a splash of colour to a boring outfit, fix bad hair days, and if you’re Serena Van  Der Woodsen, they can keep you alive! You know, if you have a compulsive need to always show your legs, no matter how cold or inappropriate, so you wear a scarf to cover your neck (not chest though, goodness forbid no one sees bustage) to compensate!Sequin shouldered top: Lovelygirl
Pleated skirt: My own design
Spotty scarf: Gifted
Key necklace: My own design
Bag: Vintage
Camellia jellies: Ebay
Leopard bangle: EbayStriped jumper/cardigan/sweater(I’m not wearing it backwards to be ‘kewl’ it was actually designed like that: My mum’s
Floral skirt: My own design
Striped scarf: Bargain store
Velvet bow: My own design
Red jellies: Gifted
Leather belt: Thrifted
Bow bracelet: My own design
Armour ring: ASOSHalf peplum dress: My own design
Beige blazer: Lovelygirl
Studded belt: ASOS
Bangles: Ebay and gifted
Pashmina: Gifted
Studded platforms: Christian Louboutin
Have I inspired you to wear scarves more? And if you’re a big scarf person, how do you like to wear them?!
PS. BTW! I turned 17 last week! Wohh, nahhh, I’m not a big birthday person, I hate knowing that soon I’ll be 18 and I’ll be faced with the responsibility of things like a real bank card, being able to drive and being an adult…

Snake Charmer

October 24, 2010 § 20 Comments

Just a quick post before I go back to my exam revision coma! Check out this new snake ring I picked up on Saturday! Can you actually believe it’s from Prouds? That and Michael Hill’s are my jewellery go-to-stores, I know, some jewellery snobs might turn their noses up at anything other than Tiffany’s or Bulgari but I’m shoddy when it comes to precious jewellery, I’ve lost countless rings, broke too many watches (including my Gucci Signoria).It’s been a sunny, spring week in Melbourne and I’m actually embracing it. I’ve been wearing some of my new designs with trusty, old favourites.Bow back dress: My own design
Jacket: Lovelygirl
Shoes: Louboutin
Bag: Dissona
Bangle watch and lizard cuff: Ebay
Bead and chain necklace: FunqiBlazer: Online
Keyhole back tank: Notorious by keyhole an decoration  by me
Bandeau: Calvin Klein
Skirt: My own design
Jellies: Online
Belt: Thrifted
Bag: Vintage
Scarf: Bargain
Button Bracelet: My own design
Black and white cuff: Ebay
Necklaces: China

Bag makeover and a not-so-spring outfit

October 20, 2010 § 18 Comments

So the mercury sunk to a rather miserable 15 degrees earlier in the week and it normally would be fine if I didn’t have have to wear my summer uniform! Though it did give me a chance to try out a new oufit idea and this shrunken sweater. This was actually my mum’s really old sweater that shrunk in the wash, it’s just perfect for this slightly 50′s/ 60′s outfit. Despite it been short enough not to be tucked into my skirt, I still tucked the ribbing in just because it looked a litte awkward with the bow on the skirt.Sweater: Mum’s
Skirt: My own design
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: BonBon
Bag: Alexander Wang
Pearls: Vintage
Scarf: Bargain store
Gloves: Ports 1961
Lace bow: My own design
I’ve always wanted to do one of those ‘what’s in your handbag’ posts but since I use my school bag 5/7 days a week the list would have been long and boring (last week’s sandwich anybody?), thanks to Borne Naked bag liners I finally have the perfect excuse! When this lovely pink tissue paper stuffed package arrived I was just couldn’t wait to participate in their handbag make over challange.I change my bags a lot, everyday sometimes on weekends to make up for my school bag and sometimes it can be quite the mess.I usually carry around my wallet, phone, itouch, USB, keys, a small visual diary, stationary of some sort, hand cream, mints/candy, lipgloss and or lip tint, hand sanitiser, mirror, Dior compact, and my emergency kit of medical and girl stuff. As you can imagine it takes quite a to switch bags but not with this bag liner! Not only does it make my weekend mornings easier, it also protects the suede inside of my Bayswater from spills.And I can squash a mag in too!Thanks Borne Naked !
I don’t do music mondays or whatever but I love this song! So uh.. Mid-week music sharing? Right now besides this song below, I’m also loving Joy Formidable, New Young Pony Club and sadly been caught dancing to Miley Cyrus’ Who Owns My Heart, yes, sorry world.
Crave you by Flight Facilities ft Giselle
 What about you? What new(or old) music are you loving this week?

Casual weekend and something borrowed

September 27, 2010 § 9 Comments

Just a quick one before I get back to my sewing! The weekend has most certainly been lovely, just enough sun to warm us up not so much we all turn to crisp (no seriously, to all you over seas readers- Australian sun is lethal!) I had the first  of the three photo shoots for my studio art project on friday night and although I don’t have any pictures yet I did leave with something. Bianca made away with the dress I designed and in exchange I got her shoes for the weekend! On saturday I had to take my overlocker in for some servicing (apparently it has syncing problems) and unintentionally wore a red, white and black outfit, on football grand final day, and got mistaken for a St Kilda fan, awkward, since I take no interest in football at all. Sunday was devoted to a lipstick hunt. Bright colours for spring (and something for the photo shoot)- magenta and coral, much more fun than red, don’t get me wrong I still love red, but I’m 16 that’s far too early to settle on a signature lipstick.I just couldn’t resist not wearing these darling 3 strap Mary janes(besides the fact they have been filling my room with the smell of bubble gum) so I paired it with a nice little casual black and white outfit. I was initially going to wear the scarf in my hair, it eventually made its way on my neck and gahh I found it so annoying so on my bag it went.Sheer T-Shirt: Weekender, shoulder pads and fringe added by me
Side peplum skirt: My own design
Blazer: Lovelygirl
Watch and cuffs: Ebay
Button ring: My own design
Jelly Mary Janes: Borrowed, Viv Westwood x Melissa
Bag: Guess

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