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Let me give you a play by play:

Around 4:45 I finally arrive home from a tiring day at school, to avoid looking gross and sweaty i jumping in and had the fasted shower ever (3minutes49 seconds) only to realise I’ve worked up a sweat getting dressed. While I was putting the contents of my normal bag into my little Prada handbag (the poor thing was over-stuffed with my phone, wallet, camera, flats, stockings, my makeup bag which contains pretty much the whole clinque counter and enough band-aids and panadols for a nice strong army of 1000), Bianca came over ‘franicking’(franticly panicking) about that colour stockings she should wear, black? Or white? After about 10 minutes of “hmm are you sure?”s we finally left the house.

On the train both Lisa and Bianca were bagless and decide it was going to be a wonderful idea to empty out the contents of their abnormally large pockets into my little bag. When we got off we got the train we got so many “WTF are you wearing?” stares, Bianca said “This is the equivalent of wearing a panda suit” quite true…

By 6pm we were already at the peninsular pier, there were as many badly dressed people to balance out the junior editors, fashion editors, models and bloggers. Pretty much as soon as we arrived we were asked for photos, from Grazia Bounty Hunter, Sony and Hayley. Ahh my hours of sitting in front of the sewing machine making that tutu skirt finally paid off. When we went in we anxiously waited for the c/d list celebrities, b list editors and a list model to arrive. I would yelp every time one of them walked in and get weird stares from people, except for whe Doutzen walked in, all three of us make strange sounds that resembled puppies and the (really good looking) guy in front of us said “oh it’s Doutzen”(and he even pronounced it right), we looked at him and were astonished that he knew who she was. The show obviously started 15 minutes late and we were watching l’oreal ads on loop on the projector screens.

I’m don’t think I was a fan of any of the clothes except for J’aton Couture, which was pretty amazing. After the show we sprinted up to the first row and said “hi” to Doutzen, to our surprised she actually remembered us, she was so nice and kind, chatted with us, asked how we were and took a photo. Even though the photo came out reallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad (my hair/bangs were parted weirdly) and 99% of Bianca’s head was chopped off we were still really happy about it. 

We hung around the Pier long enough for some editor and model spotting, I awkwardly waved to Christine Centenera and she awkwardly waved back. To our surprise we got asked to be in a few more photos (Vice, some girl’s project).Then we met Kat George from stylelines, caught up with Hayley (fashion Hayley), and went to the fish bar for some good ol’ fish and chips. Hayley is so lovely and inspirational; she gave us some really priceless tips about future in the fashion and blogging world, so thanks Hayley. Oh and also, thanks for giving us a lovely mention on your blog!

Keep an eye out for me in Grazia, Melbourne street fashion, Vice, Sony Cyber Shot (grazia website)!

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Christine Centenera




Hamish Blake and girlfriend





Doutzen Kroes (ahhh why does my hair look like that?????????? Just ignore my face, since Bianca’s cut herself out completely I might do the same…)





Ohhh it was delightful.



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