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September 30, 2009 § 6 Comments

There really isn’t anything worse for a scoliosis sufferer than sitting in front of the sewing machine for 4 hours is it? I really ought to buy a new table and chair because after I made this dress I was crippled with pain, it honestly SUCKS TO BE A 15YEAR OLD WHO SUFFERS FROM CHRONIC BACK PAIN! But it was totally worth it. I can just see myself wearing this for the large majority of this summer. When I bought the fabric I intended on making just a plain, all chiffon dress, no ruffles or side panels. As much as I would love to say something outrageous like “the idea came to me in my dream” I can’t, to be honest it didn’t occur to be at all until I realised I made my pattern too small and didn’t fit me! I didn’t have enough chiffon left and the only other black fabric I had was this satin lining. After spending a good 20 minutes sulking and ‘throwing a hissy-fit’ I decided it would be a waste of fabric if I just threw the dress out so I utilised the lining!


Last night I did this headband but it didn’t work out so well; the glue I used was supposed to dry completely clear but it left a horrid white tinge on everything.


My koh-i-noor watercolours have been burning a hole on my desk so today I made some sketches to go with my ready made garments in my portfolio.


And my Louboutins have arrived!!!!! EEEP! I sprayed deodorizer on the inside because I hate that strong smell of leather and kind of f**ed up the gold scripture o.O  And they’re slippery, anyone know how to make it grip?100_8395

Hope you like them!


PS. I updated my “About who? Me?” ;-)

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